Friday, October 8, 2010

Meeting and tweeting ...

Recent hosts at a design discussion on how to grow your business with twitter: Stacy Kunstel, homes editor of New England Home Magazine
(and the Duchess of Dunes & Duchess) with designer Julieann Covino of Jace Interiors, author of the design blog CreateGirl

Lately I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of talented people in the design industry. Along with the group of creative vendors at New England Fine Living, I have been joining some very cool designer chats led by design professionals who are quite savvy when it comes to social media.
This week I attended a meet-up coordinated by The Design Salon and hosted at Twelve Chairs, a new home furnishings boutique in Boston that showcases eco-friendly merchandise and green design. In this beautifully decorated loft space turned showroom, a large group of talented, entrepreneurial creatives sat in on a between-you-and-me conversation on how to use twitter as a business building tool. Stacy and Julieann, both of whom I have followed online then have recently met IRL (twitter short-hand for “in real life) shared tips and techniques for utilizing the collective energy of twitter.

{Images borrowed from Twelve Chairs blog}

Some of their recommendations? Find out who you want to follow. Start with friends, add industry professionals and then follow who they follow.
Twitter really is the ultimate in networking, where anyone can jump in and join the conversation! One of the best parts of twitter is how easy it is to share information quickly with a large audience.
Be sure
to tweet about what you are working on, link to other tweets of interest, and always use your best twitter-etiquette and say TY (thank you) when someone gives you a shout-out, answers a question,
or provides a resource.

Here are some interesting design conversations
(or threads) that you can follow on twitter:


TY @creategirl + @stacystyle 4 ur inspiring twitter tips!
And TY 2 @twelvechairs 4 hosting this gr8 event!

For more info on
The Design Salon
and its members, click here.


  1. glad you were able to make it to the 12 chairs event and share this with me!!

  2. I have to say that Twitter has become one of the most amazing ways of bringing like-minded people together. There are so many absolutely incredible people—like you, Yvonne—that I have come into contact with because of this inventive site. I really appreciate the shout-out and support and look forward to our next "Tweet-up!"


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