Sunday, November 13, 2016

One Room Challenge: Week 6 Salon Suite!

I am so excited to share this sneak peek of my Salon Suite Makeover! Since I technically started this One Room Challenge over (so sorry, new laundry room plans!) during Week 5, I am a bit behind everyone else. I did, however, make progress over the past week including having the existing hair dressers sink/cabinet unit removed, then painting the peachy/biege walls a crisp and perfect White Gallery from Sherwin Williams HGTV Home collection available at Lowe’s.

My husband, who ripped out the sink unit, also installed a wall mount porcelain sink along with a gorgeous polished chrome lav faucet from the Brizo RSVP collection. Above the sink we hung a sleek coordinating mirror that features a sexy curved silhouette. My favorite part of the RSVP collection is the Swarovski crystal finial on the faucet. Its just the right touch of glam for this new salon suite space where I will be working my Rodan + Fields skincare consultation business.

Casual elegance: Inspiration board for the RSVP collection by Brizo

While the room is not 100% complete yet, I did host my first one-on-one consultant training over the weekend. It was so nice to have a professional space designated for this purpose! We were able to go over a lot of my guest consultant’s questions on how to place orders, and how to run her business independently. For me, investing in my financial future will always take precedence over completing the laundry, so I am really happy to have switched gears this time around! This week I will be adding the finishing touches to this space, so please return to see the final reveal. 

How did everyone else make out with their Calling It Home One Room Challenge spaces? Be sure to check out the Week 6 final reveal links below. It really is motivating to work alongside so many others who have committed to achieving their design goals over the course of the challenge. And even if goals were not met exactly as planned, the point is to face a project head on and to take action (progress not perfection, right?) Six weeks goes by so very quickly, and a burst of decorating energy can go a long way. What room would you dare to tackle in six weeks?

Sunday, November 6, 2016

One Room Challenge Week 5: Change in Plans!

Why did I volunteer myself to participate in the One Room Challenge when I have a full-time job plus a number of on-going interior design projects (in addition to my DWL participation), my family of six to manage, along with working towards growing my independent Rodan + Fields skincare consultant side business? I guess I am just a perennial optimist who needs to have multiple creative projects going on at once to motivate me to complete at least ONE of them!

Well as is my typical ORC style (fall 2015, spring 2016), I am changing up my plans on week 5! Even though I love my design plan for my laundry room revamp, I have had another project on my mind for quite some time. So my laundry room will have to stay unorganized for a bit longer. We will survive! I even bought everyone extra socks just to make sure (least favorite task is looking for clean socks each morning!!!)

Curious what my designer-switcheroo plans involve? About a year ago, I was contemplating renting a salon suite to host product training events for my Rodan + Fields skincare business. While I would love to host these types of events in my own home, we just are not set up for entertaining anymore. I joke that I live in a frat house, but honestly it’s not very girly over here anymore with a bunch of teenage boys in the house (and their friends!) Not their fault, of course, but a room of my own in a controlled environment just sounds so perfect to me! And I could brand it and decorate it as I wish. It would be similar to investing in a show house space, which has always been one of my favorite projects! So that is what I am about to do – create my own show-and-tell studio space. And the beauty is that the location for this room of my own is just 5 minutes from home and 5 minutes down the street from my day job.

It is at Salons by JC in Stoneham, MA. They rent single or double sized rooms to independent beauty care professionals who then manage their own clients by appointment only. The lobby and utilities are handled by the property managers. And they also host monthly gatherings for the tenants, which of course I am looking forward to as well! It is a great business model and I feel it is very much aligned with the business model of representing the Rodan + Fields brand. Working independently, but never alone. 

It may be small, but it will be my very own!

Above is what my studio space looks like now (I just picked up the keys this weekend – eek!) By next Thursday it should have all of the items below in place and then I will be ready for business (if you are local, please schedule a visit!) I have to say, the time feels right to commit to a room of my own in a collaborative environment that enables small business owners to succeed without the typical overhead of owning and managing a full time business location. While having a stand-alone location to meet with my skincare clients is not required to do well with Rodan + Fields, I just feel that for me it is a worthwhile investment in my business, and that it will help me to help others who want to learn more about the brand without having to meet in a public location or at someone’s home (my boys are already saying thank you!)

It’s funny how as my family has grown (and our expenses), I have had to come up with creative ways to make all the financial pieces of the puzzle fit while still being available to take care of everyone’s needs. When the boys were small, it was all about being at home. Decorating our interior spaces was so important back then! But now that half of them are driving and have jobs, and the other half manage most of their free time on their own, I feel I have more freedom to expand my own creative pursuits to the outside world. Guess we are all growing up over here, and you know what? It feels kinda good! Although I did have a FULL day of crying when my oldest left home to move into his first apartment recently, but that is a story for another day!

Please come back next week for my Salon Suite Makeover reveal! I do love a design challenge, and as long as I can get my husband to provide some install assistance, I think I will just make the deadline!

Have you been following or participating in the One Room Challenge this fall? Would love to hear how it is going for you. Visit me on Instagram and leave a comment so that I can check out your progress!

Thanks again to Linda of Calling it Home for the motivation to start something new. Just being encouraged to set goals is sometimes all that’s needed to move forward! And even if the design path veers in a different direction along the way, as it often does, the effort to change our environments and our lives is what matters, right?

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