Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashionably late ...

I am still a little tired after attending last night’s Fashionably Late event in Boston at The Liberty Hotel. My darling niece, Taryn, was one of the models sporting designer clothing from National Jean Company and J Brand jeans along with some killer bags by Romygold at this Boutique Week event.
The show itself did not go on until 10pm and I did
not get home until well after 1:30am, so this post
will be more pictures than prose today!

The models arrived via escalator to then perch on tiny table tops scattered throughout the 2nd floor lounge at The Liberty after their initial catwalk around the perimeter of the 3rd floor walkway. Taryn was our favorite model, of course, but they all looked pretty good in their well-tailored jeans and casual layering.

How cute is she??!

The girls I sipped champagne with ...
Kathleen, Deborah (Taryn’s mom
and my sister-in-law), Maryann

In the crowd: Justin Brinkmeyer wearing a shirt
from his BeautyDesigned collection (find it here).

Taryn and I after the show
(with more champagne!)

To see a clip of Taryn modeling an outfit from
participating Thirty Petals Boutique on FoxNews
during a Boutique Week segment, click here.

Feel like shopping? Find out which fashionable
Massachusetts shops are offering special
Boutique Week discounts by clicking here.

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