Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A minimalist fall planter

I love the harvest-in-abundance aspect of fall decorating, but this season I am going with a more minimalist look on my front porch. I chose to fill a pair of planters with small-scale boxwoods, some scattered hay for texture, and for vertical interest I added miniature stalks of cat-tails. This will look seasonally-appropriate right through Thanksgiving, so I will not have to change it again until December. For the winter holidays, I will replace the hay with evergreen clippings and some red berries, both taken from my backyard. I will come up with something ornamental to replace the cat-tails. In the summer, I will move the boxwoods to the backyard where I am creating a small boxwood garden. I always try to use perennials in my container gardens, so that I can reuse them and get more design out of my landscaping dollars.

Total cost for fall-to-winter
planter makeover: $40

I have officially crossed #9
off my top 10 to-do-list!


  1. Hi Yvonne! It's not often that I meet someone with my/our name!
    I admire your lovely minimal planter. The design is wonderful. Love the use of straw. So creative and a breath of fresh autumn air!


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