Monday, January 11, 2016

How to Design Your Home Like a Celebrity

“To discover what’s trending in the world of interior design, one only needs to look to the stars — of the Hollywood variety, that is. Celebrity home design can shine a light on what’s in style in modern interiors. Most celebrities have a sky-is-the-limit budget to make their homes sparkle with the latest and greatest interior decor offerings. These designers are able to effortlessly pull the spaces together, while the celebrity is off shooting their next major box office hit or award-winning TV series. The supernova of famous interiors occurs when the celebrity is the designer, which creates an atmosphere that completely reflects the forward-thinking design aesthetic of the people who live there. Studying images of celebrity home design is a great way to discover the latest and greatest in home decor trends. But how can the rest of us create show-stopping interiors and tell our personal design stories on a more realistic budget? Follow the tips below based on rooms designed specifically for the children of the rich and famous, and you can stage your home like a popular design star without having to break the bank.”

The view from my seat as part of the studio audience filled with
design bloggers at the Nate Berkus Show, September 2010

For my tips on how to design your home like a star, read the rest of my blog post written especially for Vivint, a smart home solution based company that is doing some pretty cool stuff with technology! Check out the links in the article for some inspiring images of home decor from some of my favorite designers (like Nate Berkus) who just happen to be celebrities in their own right.