Saturday, July 30, 2016

Working it R+F style!

Wow, I have been busy since I cleaned up my home office for the #OneRoomChallenge a couple months ago! It is so motivating to clear the clutter knowing that in the end there will be more room for opportunities to present themselves. It was definitely worth it to invest my time in designing a welcoming space in which to be creative. So what have I been up to since May?

• I have been writing design related blog posts

• I participated in a Mindset Makeover group

• I assisted interior design clients with their room makeovers

• I co-hosted a fashion-focused art gallery pop-up event

• I coordinated a VIP event for one of my favorite brands

• And I have still had time to enjoy summer fun with my family

How have I managed to do all of this? When you are in charge of your own time, and can work when you want with whom you want, it’s easy to take on projects you love, not to mention vacation time when it suits your own schedule. This is an opportunity that I would love to share with others, so I am currently hosting an informative virtual meetup event where I explain how representing the Rodan + Fields brand has afforded me the time freedom and income potential to be my own boss. I would love for you to stop by and review the info I am presenting. I would also love to help you discover how R+F can offer you the same benefits that I have been enjoying over the past year as an Independent Consultant.

“What I love about the business side of Rodan + Fields is that it connects each of us regardless of where we are in life. Some of us are moms to big families, some are just starting out, some are single and ready to travel the world. We can be marketers, nurses, hair stylists or salon owners. This business can fit into each and every one of our busy lives.
” – Yvonne Blacker, Executive Consultant Rodan + Fields

How would you like to work for yourself, but not by yourself? Join me – and our team of R+F rockstars – and I will show you what’s possible (and I promise it will be a lot of fun!)