Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What makes a kitchen beautiful?

Personal touches add character
to any kitchen, large or small.

This past Saturday, I spent the day touring some beautifully finished kitchens that were featured on the Wenham Museum Heart of the Home Kitchen Tour while dreaming about finishing my own remodel-in-progress. All of the homes were in the Wenham, Manchester, Beverly/Prides Crossing area of the North Shore. Each was uniquely special in its own way. I did not get photos of every home on the tour, but I did get some shots that illustrate what I think makes a kitchen interesting, often regardless
of budget or materials chosen.

Artistic touches and pops
of color are engaging.

Displayed collections add personality.

Painted cabinet interiors are a great
way to show off what is inside.

Remember this custom surfboard island?

Creatively styled spaces that are bright and
cheerful make for great conversation.

A well-edited color palette plus open shelving
for everyday items are easy on the eye.

Exterior views that are pretty and thoughtful
can compliment a kitchens interior.

Great lighting plus room to entertain
will encourage large gatherings.

Clutter-free counters and well-organized
storage both looks and feels good.

Well appointed spaces with equally enchanting
adjoining rooms create visual continuity.

Comfortable areas to entertain that are
filled with organic materials and natural
patina add warmth and charm.

Take home style tip: a simple bouquet
of flowers will dress-up any kitchen.

My favorite kitchen item seen on the tour?

A large stainless steel farmhouse sink.
This tops my list as a must-have for my new kitchen.
What favorite items are on your list?

Read more about this event
(and see some professional photos)

by clicking here.

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  1. Sounds like a fun tour! My biggest must haves are more for function than looks - I need two ovens! And a large, uncluttered work space for food prep!


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