Tuesday, September 22, 2020

How to Create an Online Course

When past marketing clients come to me with a fresh new idea for their business, I quickly become as excited as they are! ✨

After working together last year on a complete logo rebrand and website launch, post-partum doula Heather Magill of Infant Concierge was ready to add a virtual component to her infant and parent wellness offerings, so that she could continue to support as many new parents as possible during this challenging period of social distancing.

To help Heather launch her online community group for “VIP Mamas,” I assisted her in ...

👉 setting up her branded virtual platform on Podia to act as a storefront for her product offers

👉 creating a series of branded graphics to share on social media to support the launch of her new virtual membership

👉 polishing up the downloadable PDF of her multi-page free membership guide that she started in Canva and I finished to follow her established branding

Now Heather has social media content available to use for her future social media posts as well as in her Infant Concierge newsletters.

Check out her now open for business Infant Concierge storefront here.

Do you have an idea for a virtual product or online membership, but need creative support to make it happen?

Email me at yvonne@minimarketing2go.com to discuss how you can get your idea launched and ready to share with your desired audience without the stress of having to know how to do it all on your own!

Curious to learn more about the power behind the Podia platform?

This week, from September 24-26, Podia will be hosting Create 2020, a 3-day free virtual event featuring inspiring content creators who can answer all your questions! 

What’s on the virtual schedule ...

> Hands-on workshops led by 10 veteran entrepreneurs (check out the roster here)

> Honest conversations about what it really takes to be a successful creator, plus how to make it happen

> A Create-a-thon where you put insights into action and build a digital product in a day

I have been hosting online courses on Podia for some time now, and am really happy with how I have been able to serve more clients – remotely – with this easy to set up virtual option!

Find my content creation online trainings here.

With online learning being the new normal, now is the time to take advantage of a captive audience!

Are you ready to start teaching what you know? Lets chat!