Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Another winner ...


The winner of my second Rodan + Fields Giveaway has now been notified and will soon receive a FREE box of Redefine Acute Care for Expression Lines! These overnight “fill a wrinkle while you sleep self-adhesive strips are a real game changer in the skin care industry. They have received numerous awards and the before + after results are truly amazing! Just search #countwrinklesout and you will see how everyday users are softening the expression lines that they prefer to live without, achieving a more youthful appearance, and gaining a new level of confidence! They are so worth a try! Contact me at if you would like to learn how you can incorporate these into your skin care routine.

If you are looking for ways to share great products like Rodan + Fields with your friends and followers, reach out to me at any time and I will share what I have learned from my own R+F journey! When I find a brand I love it makes perfect sense to me to let others know about it, and the fact that I can achieve financial goals while improving my complexion and gaining valuable support from my Rodan + Fields team members makes it even more worthwhile! Visit my business page to learn more about this life-changing opportunity. 

While I have been learning about skin care and getting to know the R+F brand this summer, I have still been working on a number of interior design projects. Stay tuned for my next post which will feature the final touches on a brand new powder room in my own home (it has been a long time coming!) 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Before + After Giveaway, Part 2

ACUTE CARE with proprietary Liquid Cone Technology targets expression lines with an advanced wrinkle treatment featuring line-defying hyaluronic acid and peptides for visibly reduced expression lines in just 4 weeks.

Since my last Rodan + Fields blog giveaway was such a big hit (congrats to the winners!) I am hosting a round two! This time, the big prize is a full box of Redefine Acute Care Skincare for Expression Lines (includes 10 pairs with a retail value of $220 per box). I will let the award-winning dermatologists behind the brand, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, explain how their proprietary liquid cone technology works to transform skin while you sleep ...

{Click here to watch video}

As seen in ...

Attacks expression lines while you sleep …
for a noticeable difference by the morning. 

–Harpers Bazaar

Ranked No. 1 as an alternative
to skip the injections. 


“One of 2014’s Most Innovative
Beauty Products. 


Try it for yourself ...

Clinically proven, Acute Cares DIY needle-free delivery system is causing quite a stir in the world of beauty care products. And these age-defying problem solvers are not just for women ... 

{click here to watch video}

Enter to win! 

Want to give a month of Acute Care a try? To enter to win a FREE box, simply do the following:

1. Visit my R+F independent consultant site and give the online consultation Solution Tool a try. Email yourself the results of the skin survey to qualify (takes a few minutes to answer a number of questions about your skin type).

2. When you receive your personal recommendations via email, forward them to me at with “Enter Me To Win in the subject line of the email. Include your mailing address in the body of the email (a US address must be provided to receive prize.)

Enter by midnight EST on Tuesday, August 31st. The winner will be notified via email on September 1st and I will send the prize along with a few other at-home-beauty-care goodies.


Have a blog of your own and want a second chance to win? Post a link to this giveaway on your blog (feel free to use my Acute Care giveaway photo at top of post) after completing the two enter to win steps above and send me your post link. I will draw one winning name from all bloggers who post.

And just for sharing Rodan + Fields with your readers, I will send all participating bloggers a special Mini-Facial sample pack to try out 4 separate Rodan + Fields products that will make your skin glow!

Good luck!

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more about Rodan + Fields:

Curious how you could benefit from sharing Rodan + Fields with others? Contact me directly to hear more about this forward-thinking business model based on washing your face and spreading the word! More on how to join my team here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

And the winner is ...

The winners of my first Rodan+Fields product giveaway have now been notified! Thank you all for visiting my Consultant site and checking out the Solution Tool.

I have 5 pairs of Redefine Acute Care strips left that I would like to share. If you have never tried them yourself, they offer amazing results! If you would like to receive a pair (via mail or local delivery) send me your name and address via email.

Email  //  While supplies last!

Monday, July 27, 2015

A Beautiful Before + After Giveaway!

For years I have been posting Before + After photos from my client’s home makeovers. Creating beautiful living spaces that are comfortable and inviting, while adding designer touches that they might not have thought of on their own, has been a rewarding process. I love when my clients are happy with their makeover transformations!

Recently I experienced a transforming before and after of my own. A friend of mine invited me to try Rodan + Fields, a top-selling skin care product line formerly sold in fine department stores, now sold exclusively through independent consultants who share the benefits of the products mainly through social media and sometimes at hosted events.

Soothe Regimen for Sensitive, Irritated Skin and Facial Redness

Before R+F, my sensitive skin had been acting up for years, and I was having a hard time finding the right combination of products to address redness and irritation. Makeup helped, but constantly covering up the problem wasnt addressing the underlying poor condition of my skin. Topical medications hadnt alleviated the problem either. I figured if the Rodan + Fields Soothe line for sensitive skin could solve my skin challenges, I would share the product with others, just as my friend had with me. 

“To see real changes in your skin’s appearance, you need to use the right concentration of clinically active ingredients in the right formulations and in the right order.”

Rodan + Fields formulas offer a multi-med therapy approach to skin care, utilizing a tested combination of cosmetic and active over-the-counter ingredients “in the right formulation in the right order to visibly improve the complexion. Almost immediately after starting my new Soothe regimen, the texture and condition of my skin improved dramatically. And I have to admit, I really like having this new morning and evening self-care routine as part of my daily ritual. The multiple step approach (wash, treat, moisturize, protect) feels very spa-like and I am definitely impressed with the results.

After five weeks of using Rodan + Fields, my skin now has a healthy glow, and I am not feeling the need to cover up with foundation as soon as I wake up. An added bonus is my typically dark under eye circles are becoming less noticeable, too, and I haven’t even switched from Soothe to the more powerful anti-aging regimens like Reverse or Redefine yet!

True to my word, I now want to share these fabulous products with others. As a brand ambassador for Rodan + Fields, I’d like to treat my blog readers to a special giveaway. To enter to win, all you have to do is visit my R+F consultant page and give the Solution Tool a try. By answering the questions provided (it should take less than 5 minutes) you will receive (via email) a customized skincare routine recommendation for your specific skin challenges. Its like having a complimentary consult with a dermatologist without an appointment (Dr. Kathy Fields and Dr. Katie Rodan are the board certified dermatologists behind Rodan + Fields success). Couldnt be easier!

Rodan + Fields Solution Tool


Everyone who answers the Solution Tool questions will be entered in a drawing to win one of the following giveaway prizes (entry period from July 27th through August 3rd). Be sure to email yourself the results to count as an entry!

MINI FACIAL  //  A 5-minute Mini-Facial sample pack that includes Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, Redefine Night Renewing Serum and Redefine Lip Renewing Serum. 

ACUTE CARE STRIPS  //  One pair of super effective Redefine Acute Care self-adhesive skincare strips for expression lines, that “fill a wrinkle while you sleep.”

MULTI-FUNCTION EYE CREAM  //  One jar of Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream (a $60 value) that utilizes powerful peptides to minimize the look of crow’s feet and reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

REGIMEN OF YOUR CHOICE  //  And one winner will receive a complete Rodan + Fields skincare regimen of their choice (close to $200 value!) Based on your needs, you could try out a two-month supply of Redefine, Reverse, Soothe or Unblemish. I know you will love these products as much as I do, and I’d love your personal feedback on them, so enter now to win and I just may be showing your Before + After photos next!

Enter now by visiting my
Rodan + Fields consultant page
and try the Solution Tool!

– last day to enter is 8.3.15 –

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Left Shark Inspired Design

Who is your favorite? Left or Right?

In honor of #SharkWeek (July 5 – 12 on Discovery Channel) #TBT and #summervacation, here are some nautical inspired event design photos from my son’s Junior Prom after party back in May. The theme was Cruisin Under the Stars and I was on the decorating committee with a large group of other moms. It was probably one of my biggest design challenges since we had to transform such a large space (lobbies, gym, and multiple hallways from floor to ceiling, including adding lighting) with such a tiny budget (I am pretty sure most everyone spent their own money to make up the difference like I did, although I really tried to be resourceful!) And it all had to be done in about 3 hours while the kids were dancing away at their actual prom. And then it had to be taken down and completely cleaned up within an hour (between 1 and 2am!) It was crazy, with tons of people on site working on their designated areas, but the kids loved the transformation and the event kept them off the streets for the night.

A few pictures of what we were starting with ...

When they returned to the high school, it looked like this ...

A large wooden anchor made by one of the dads, wrapped with twinkle lights, made a big impression at the dock-like entrance.

Blinking lights acted as a beacon while scented summery blooms wrapped with burlap brightened the walkway. 

I created a pop-up sign with the event logo and cruise ship graphics at my day job at White Light Visual, then had my event team install illuminated star lanterns to the entire ceiling (with fishing line and magnetic hooks). A palm tree from a recent theatrical production was repurposed. The cinder block and tiled walls were covered in black craft paper (not that easy to do!!) A red carpet was added as a finishing touch.

A water station was set up in front of the vending machines which were hidden behind Home Goods clearance curtains that we hung from the ceiling (magnetic hooks with string through the grommets did the trick). A flat screen TV box was wrapped with a large graphic that I had printed at White Light. 

The water fountain niche turned tropical waterfall with lots of large tissue paper blossoms surrounding sparkly silver strands.

The kids needed directions on where special activities were happening. Using a pole banner kit that I borrowed from work, I created a nautical striped sign to point the way.

A spot to sit and chat or take selfies: the glass front trophy cases were wrapped with lots of ocean blue paper. I recovered a bench of mine with burlap stamped with passport travel art. The potted hibiscus in on my porch now.

My favorite part of this event design process, besides getting to work with my husband during install, was creating pop-up versions of Left and Right Shark. Using screen captures from the Katy Perry video, I recreated the graphics, printed them at work, and wrapped a couple more monitor boxes with them. Of course super-size beach ball props were required, and I just happened to find a pair of large steamer trunks on the side of the road a couple weeks before the prom. Not kidding.

The Midnite Buffet committee did an amazing job with all of the food including a candy “bar complete with sparkly lobster traps and an ocean backdrop. The students yearbook photos were displayed like nautical flags and were hung on rope along the walls of the 140 foot long corridor.

There were lots of great decorating moments created throughout the school by the numerous teams of volunteers. I especially liked the Duty Free shop window above.

It took dozens of people to support this one night event, from planning logistics to coordinating donations to ensuring our kids safety while providing a fun place to hang out after a special night (there was even a mechanical shark ride in the gym a.k.a. Mussel Beach). If you wonder if it was worth all the effort, I would have to say yes. It isn’t often that I get to do this sort of thing for my kids, and I always wish I could do or give more ... but making memorable moments is its own reward.

My favorite photo of the night : )

New home for Left Shark (or Pool Shark)

are available via Just Artifacts

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Summer on the North Shore

“S.S. Scruffy” by Tim Crowder, oil on panel, 2008  //  North Shore Mall, Peabody MA

OK, I took this photo in a mall. I loved the irony of it. What does your summer 2015 look like?