Monday, October 25, 2010

Designing an exercise plan ...

This weekend, I actually went out and stocked up on some comfortable yoga wear, a new core stability ball, and some fancy work out sneakers. I even got on the treadmill (see New Years Resolution #6)! My goal is to incorporate more body conscious activity into my daily routine. With all the time I spend at a computer, my back was feeling a little creaky. After one session of doing back bends over the ball (which is basically just lying down on it) I felt 100x better the next day! Plus I figure if I am wearing work out clothes while hanging around the house, I will probably feel more like dropping into a downward dog every now and then. And at the very least, if I incorporate sitting on the stability ball during my hour or so of television viewing at the end of the day (just trying to keep up with The Nate Show takes a good 4–5 hours a week) I will be working out without even trying! There is even a ball stabilizer kit available that can transform the ball into a desk chair. It is a look that would never make it into an interior design magazine, but it is something to think about for those of us committed to daily exercise with the least amount of effort : )

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