Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jewelry for a cause ...

Today I’d like to share with you the reason why I am a JessLC Ambassador. After seeing many design blogs sporting the JessLC ad banner, then reading about the jewelry line and it’s creator, Jess Constable, I found myself following Jess’s blog on a daily basis to see what she was up to next ... I was curious about her upcoming design collections, but I was also hooked on her “this is what is happening in my life right now” authenticity. The way she candidly shares her ups and downs along with the lessons she has learned on her journey as a jewelry designer, business person, and unique individual had me hooked!

And the fact that she created a line of jewelry to promote and benefit social causes was just what I was looking for as a fund-raising item for a local charity that I am involved with, Gathering Change, Inc. The logo that I designed for Gathering Change has a heart at its center, and the charity’s mission is to help neighbors who are struggling during these challenging economic times. The Good Intention Necklace that Jess has designed is the perfect match for future fund-raising events, and 10% of the sale of each necklace would be donated directly to Gathering Change. I think it would make a thoughtful gift and be a nice way to give to others at the same time. Below are a few more pieces that I love from different collections that Jess has designed.

Franklin Dream Bigger Braille Necklace

I LOVE this design concept! “Dream Bigger” is actually imprinted in braille on this piece (other pieces include
Breathe and “Be Present). How cool to be able to use a necklace as a touchstone!

This bracelet is pretty, delicate and strong ...
and it also comes in sterling silver.

Division Chevron Earrings

The chevron is a popular design trend right now.
It always looks stylish and energetic!

Armitage Simple Cable and Link Bracelet

I love how this bracelet combines both
gold and silver.
It is a great everyday piece
that would look good on anyone.

Jess started designing and selling jewelry at the age
of 15 (read her story here) and her passion for her product is obvious.
Read more about Jess and the inspiration behind her designs by checking out her blog, Makeunder My Life. While you are there, be sure to check up on her friend and guest blogger, Piper Toth, who has taken the leap to create a business of her own, named after her blog One Sydney Road.

If you would like to be a Jess LC Ambassador,
contact Jess at jess@jesslc.com

I love being able to support other creative people
like Jess, who are doing what they love and
are inspiring others to do the same!



  1. I love these necklaces, all of them are not only beautiful but I love the causes they help.

  2. Her site is so cute and fun. I took a quick look at her jewelry and already have a list of items that I want. Maybe I'll start making a xmas wish list. Thanks for sharing her story!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing how you became involved with me and Jess LC! It's been great to work with you :).

    Have a great day and good luck on the 100 Kisses Giveaway!


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