Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Small space, big hit

I recently finished a small scale project in one of our boy’s rooms. We call it the “Mini Room.” The space measures 6 feet in depth by 4 feet wide and a mere 4 feet high. The space was stolen from under a new set of attic stairs that were built on the other side of the double closet wall in this bedroom. I have to credit my husband with the idea to create this secret spot for our little guys, although at first I was reluctant ... would it become one more place to store forgotten toys?

Our well-worn copy of “Where the Wild Things Are

To make it more of a destination than a play space, I designed it to function as a small sitting room, which is appropriate as only one of my four boys can completely stand up in it. To make it extra cozy, I found a large round pet bed for seating. I have since picked up a second one since it was such a big hit (also to avoid arguments over who gets to sit on it – well worth another trip to the store!) Soft pillows and snuggly blankets invite lingering, while a shelf of books encourage my little guys to spend quiet time reading.

I really love this completed project (see, we have finished something!) and the boys have even used the space for sleepovers amongst themselves. Occasionally I will find someone who has snuck the x-box in there for some late night gaming, but for the most part it has been a great place to escape to for a little peace and quiet. And just as my husband predicted, the boys love their secret hideaway, or in this case, their boy cave : )


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