Monday, June 29, 2009

Modern Love: Sebastian Carpenter Designs

A sun room set for inspired conversation.

Dragonfly Club Chairs, Deco FL-A Floor Lamp, Cube Ottomans in Zebra,
Bamboo Coffee Table, Dragonfly Sofa in Raffia

Ahh .... serenity! I was recently invited to view the studio line of furnishings by Sebastian Carpenter at his Wenham home and studio “Dragonfly.” The property itself, one of those breathtaking sites securely rooted in history, is quietly ensconced atop a wooded hill overlooking the Wenham Lake. Modern sculptures that combine welded metal and used farm equipment designed by his late father (and renowned modernist sculptor) Harlow Carpenter, line the long curving drive and herald a display of inherited creativity to come.

Modern vignette inside the front entrance,
with antique farm-tool sculpture on top
Kinko Chest inspired by modernist
Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Moderne T. Deco Console Table
paired with Deco T-A Lamp

This completely renovated and restored property is uniquely modern while surrounded by a setting of mature trees and gardens (the property dates back to 1916). Both the interior and the back “yard” views look like something straight out of a magazine ... oh, yeah, they were featured in a magazine article or two.

Out of the Woodwork by Regina Cole for Boston Home Fall 2007
Local designer creates new look in old house ... by Natalie Miller
for the Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle Fall 2007

While enjoying a cocktail reception/studio tour hosted by the architect-designer and his wife, Elisabeth, I was able to take a few snapshots for my blog (thank you!). The fact that another guest was my favorite high-end interior photographer *EVER* Eric Roth made me a little shy behind my pocket-size Nikon lens, but I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to show off these great pieces.

Cow Skin/Mahogany Cubes

Dragonfly Sofa (image from SC website)

The clean, streamlined look of Carpenter’s pieces are stylishly-symmetrical while being warm and inviting. The club chairs were very comfortable seating, and I loved the built-in ledge behind the luxe sofas ... ideal to perch a reading lamp/book/etc. on. The only drawback? When my husband and I returned home, I was ready to take all of our mostly traditional pieces and put them out on the curb! Although, to be fair, these modern beauties would mix very nicely with vintage pieces and would add a nice contrast to traditional settings. No need to start over, just add a piece here and there to achieve your own touch of “modern love.”

The super-stylish lamps would be a great place to start ...

Or how about this gorgeous chair that combines a modern aluminum
frame with sleek walnut and supple leather ...

EC1 Chair (image from SC website)

Love the shoji screen room dividers ...

Moderne T3 Dining Table/Desk
with EC1 Chair and Deco-T-A Lamp

The pieces look great from every angle and the materials used – ash, bamboo, white oak, aluminum, and natural fabrics – are visually sumptuous with the various elements combined in a thoughtful zen-like fashion. Fabulous lamps, custom tables and designer-y cube-shaped ottomans complete the collection. I wasn’t able to photograph all of the pieces, but look for them soon on or at the Boston Design Center.

(Lamps available at Blanche P. Field,
Desk available through EcoModern Design)

For more information on prices and availability
contact Sebastian Carpenter at 617.470.6060

And if you love amazing photos of interior design ...

Be sure to check out the website for Eric Roth Photography to see some professionally-posh photos of Dragonfly (look for the “snooker” table beneath large scale white paper lanterns in a room with red leather walls, or the exterior shot of the glass-walled sun room at the end of a walkway covered with a wisteria-trellis canopy). While you are there, take a virtual tour of Roth’s extensive and impressive portfolio ... be prepared to sigh! Then look for his work on Sunday mornings when you sit down with a cup of coffee to skim the pages of Boston Globe Magazine (in which he was recently featured as the subject of an interview) or when you are looking at just about any important shelter magazine (Design New England, New England Home Magazine and Metropolitan Home to name a few). Roth’s photography showcases the best in architecture and interior design. For me, looking at it is like a visual escape/small slice of heaven. Enjoy the view!

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