Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vacation fantasy ...

I am happy that my children are letting me sleep in
until 9 am during this school vacation week.

I am glad that they have been outdoors most of the
time, and that the weather has accommodated.

I feel fortunate that they have only slightly damaged two of our chairs (so far) and that they have learned an important lesson that climbing out the first floor window is only a good idea when there is a fire
(one bandage required).

I am thinking it is about time for a girl’s night out ...

I am remembering a time when vacation
was one girl’s night out after another.

A vacation where the chairs were pretty amazing.

And our surroundings were quite glamorous.

I could certainly use a little pampering about now.
How about you?

Delano Hotel at South Beach
in Miami, Florida

Designed by Phillipe Starck

All photos above are from the Delano website with the exception of my friends and I seated in the lobby on one of our girl’s nights out. File under “vacations I would most like to take again ... preferably soon!”

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