Monday, April 19, 2010

9 by Design?

9 by Design on Bravo as viewed in my 6 by design home

Just had my first look at the new Bravo show, 9 by Design. Not sure how I feel about it yet. Was it relaxing? No. Was it an escape from my reality? No. Was I slightly envious that this couple has managed to completely renovate I-am-not-sure-how-many-houses-while-having-three-more-kids-than-us while I am still playing my “I had my fourth child and that’s why everything has taken us so long” card? Yes! See where I am at??? It reminded me a little bit of our loud, we are out-numbered life ... but with better furniture, more financial resources, and a couple of girls thrown in the mix.

What I did like (after watching one episode) ...

• they are risk takers who aren’t afraid to break rules
• they seem to have a lot of fun with their crew of kids
(loved their last-day-in-the-old-house photoshoot!)
• the kids seem quite capable of handling change
• they are all pretty adorable (love the dimples ; )
• they are able to pick up and go without attachments
• lots of great design for my viewing pleasure
• they get things done under pressure,
and miraculously are still smiling

What we have in common:
these red melamine plates
(see dining shot above!)

Of course I realize that this is just a made for TV snippet of what goes on behind the scenes in the busy life of this real family. Without camera crews, I am sure there are plenty of melt-downs before leaving the house to go antiquing as a family (really???) or “I can’t think straight with all this racket moments. The fact that Courtney whipped up her rental apartment into a designer space in under 20 minutes give or take a few commercials is no reason to feel bad about how long it is taking us to get settled over here, now is it? Even so, I plan to keep on watching. Maybe I will pick up some valuable tips on getting things done while parenting a bunch of kids with style. Stay tuned ...

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