Friday, April 23, 2010

Who are you following?

I am looking for some new online inspiration ... if you have a favorite go-to-each-day blog, please leave the URL in my comment section. It does not have to be about decorating and design (although those are my favorites!) as long as it provides inspiring content, pretty pictures, and/or a much needed laugh! Besides favoring design blogs written by fellow New Englanders, I also like to find bloggers out there who have a life I can relate to or learn from. One of my current favorites is Mrs. Blandings by Patricia Shackelford. I wish she lived closer because I would love to sit down and have a chat with her! She always shares humorous insights on her attempts-to-find-pretty while surrounded by three darling boys, a husband and a dog (see cute illustration above by PVE design) She writes like a story teller, and her stories are always interesting. Plus she provides links to many resources and events of interest. I especially liked this last post on the most significant design moments of the last 20 years as determined by her readers.

Inspired by Mrs. Blandings ...
this rough sketch shows what my

blog banner should look like.

So who out there inspires you lately?
And if you write a blog, please leave your
URL so that I can stop by and say hello!

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