Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Virtual views ...

Furnace Lake on Sao Miguel in The Azores ...
a place I would like to visit some day to research
paternal family tree (and to enjoy the views).

The view outside a window in Sarasota, Florida

I feel as if I have been in my house for days on end. Okay, it has only been about one full day, but it was a long one spent un-trimming the tree and tidying up after the frenzy of the holidays. I am so ready for a change of scenery! Well for 2010, I would like to start venturing out to explore some places that I have been meaning to go (resolution #2: travel more). I would like to start with Sarasota, Florida.

While I have heard that the temperature in Sarasota has been somewhat on the cool side lately, I am sure it is a lot more comfortable than what feels like freezing in the Boston area today. To make matters worse, there isn’t even an ounce of New England snow on the ground for my kids to play with during their Christmas-to-New Years break (so many idle sleds are littering my backyard as I write this). I am thinking now would be the perfect time for a sunny getaway!

Some ocean inspired pillows that I designed
now reside in sunny Sarasota, Florida

Recently, I was able to help decorate a condo in Sarasota (okay, a couple of my designer pillows found a home there) but have never been there to see it in person. That’s why Sarasota is the first destination on my list, especially since I know that my husband and I can stay there for free ; ) Realistically, we will have to save the Azores for another time (or decade!)

A pair of lounge chairs await our visit
along with comfortable sofas, too.

Image from online brochure at Robb & Stucky Interiors

And when we have soaked up our fill of sun-induced vitamin D, there is actually a lot of great furniture shopping that can be done while in Sarasota. Robb & Stucky Interiors, for example, has a few original items that I wouldn’t mind bringing home with me to New England
as a traveler’s souvenir...

The Around the World Occasional Chair would be fitting.

This 3-tiered piece is as beautiful as it is functional.
Robbie Tier Table is designed by master craftsman
John Black (a strange almost-coincidence)

If price was no object, I would take home
a pair of these classic Barcelona chairs.

Watercolors Hand-painted Shell Cocktail Table
However, I would happily settle for this lovely piece of furniture as art. It would be the perfect reminder of the award-winning shell covered beaches found along the Florida keys.

Chanda Stripe Multi fabric designed by
Annie Selke available at Calico Corners

And just in case you are lucky enough to be in the Sarasota area (or near another Robb & Stucky location), check their listings for design events and seminars. Guest speakers have included designers Barbara Barry, Alexa Hampton and coming in February (to Sarasota) Annie Selke. Time for me to start researching those flights ...

P.S. to M&B: Thanks for the use of your photos!


  1. I live about an hour away from Sarasota and it's great there, definitely a beautiful place to visit. The pieces do a great job of conveying the look of Sarasota without looking too beachy. Hopefully you can come down and see it soon :)

  2. There are quite a number of Annie Selke fabrics that would be perfect for coastal living--whether you prefer a palette of brights, more blue marine colors or softer neutrals. They're all on or on view at the stores around the country--including two on the west coast of Florida, in Osprey and in Bonita Springs (near Naples).

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    I agree, Calico Corner does a nice job of showcasing Selke's fabrics. They look so fresh and fun!

    I am hoping to make it to Florida in the spring. I will keep you posted : )


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