Monday, December 14, 2009

Inspired by ... Vintage holidays

A silver and blue wreath that I designed for the
Room to Dream Festival of Wreaths
in 2007

When I was growing up, I used to love visiting my grandparents home during the holidays. Besides hanging out downstairs in the “finished” basement with my 26 plus cousins, eating delivered pizza and then getting in line to take a turn at the holiday pinata, what I really looked forward to was seeing the same decorations year after year. The big multi-colored lights on the artificial tree, the fake cardboard fireplace, the kissing ball made up of tiny plastic medicine cups, the small silver-tinsel tree with shiny blue ornaments on the buffet table ... this was 50–60’s decorating at its finest (none of us cared that at the time it was the 80’s!)
Diagram of an artificial tree as
posted on
Beyond the 50s

A couple of years back I created the silver wreath pictured above for a fundraising event to benefit The Room to Dream Foundation,
a Boston-based charity that designs healing environments for children with chronic illnesses. I used my grandmothers “modern decorating style as my inspiration for this sparkly-blue and silver tinsel wreath. These days I tend to prefer a more organic look, but I still view the retro combination of blue and silver as “traditional.

A vintage looking ornament designed
Beth Hylan at the Design Studio.

To see lots of silver and blue done in a big way (and not one plastic-cup-kissing-ball in sight!) check out this great holiday decorating post presented by the talented women at The Skirted Roundtable. They feature a lot of their favorite design blogs of the year, along with interesting podcasts on design related topics and personalities.

And if you’re in the Boston area and would like more
inspiration for a vintage holiday, check out the SoWa Holiday Marketplace. Look for my friend Stephanie of Vintagesteph and tell her I sent you!


  1. That image of the artificial tree is not far from the one we have. I don't know how old it is but we have to put in the branches individually. Great post :)

  2. That wreath is absolutely gorgeous! I think you represented "modage" perfectly with it. : )


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