Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Decking the halls ... part 1

Like everyone else, I have been busy with seasonal decorating over the last couple of weeks. Happily it has been more for others than for myself, which is always a good thing! The photo above shows a client’s family room that I really enjoyed “sprucing up
this holiday season. While her home was already impeccably designed, she was looking for a little decorating assistance in order to prepare for holiday hosting.

What we added:
A bowl of bling. Pine cones, beaded fruits and metallic acorns make this glass bowl shine. A pair of bronze metallic down-filled pillows dress up her well-tailored sofa. I am so glad she agreed to trust me on this purchase ... under the store lights these pillows seemed like a bold choice, but in her home they are quite elegant.

We spent some time sorting through her existing ornaments, and only put up the ones that coordinated with the new color theme of her living room (grayish green, touches of robin’s egg blue, creams, gold, bronze and rust tones). I suggested to add the clusters of white jingle bells for an old-fashioned touch to her modern spaces. More metallic pine cones go along with her nature-inspired theme. The only bright colors are in the tiny twinkling string of lights.

This modern-looking arrangement of evergreens that I created, fits in nicely with an existing lamp. It also repeats design motifs seen on the painting behind her curved built-in banquet.

And finally, I added sprays of evergreens to a cone shaped basket for her front door (seen here propped on a chair in my garden room). The key to a pleasing arrangement is to use a few different shaped leaves and evergreens for interest (just as a flower arrangement would combine different blossoms). We limited the colors to only greens and gold in order to coordinate with her home’s interior (reds and cranberries were fighting with the copper and blue-green accents). She told me later that she and her family found the color-editing that we did made for a much more relaxing holiday atmosphere.
I love when I hear that!

For this next client, all I had to do was simply add greenery to decorate the white iron bench on her front porch (check out her summer porch here). I placed her red antique lantern in front of the spray of greens for a unique touch and a pop of color. Her home is decorated in mostly reds and blues, so now I am back to showing you traditional color combinations.

Like the following photos of the home of my friend, Laura Thomson ...

An organic holiday vignette by Laura Thomson.

I just had to share how beautifully Laura decorates (she has a great eye and is very talented ... check out her enchanting spring arrangement for a local version of Art in Bloom). Laura recently hosted the Village Garden Club holiday party, so I took some extra pictures of her charming home in order to post them for your enjoyment.

Tabletop decorated by Laura Thomson.

I love the arrangement of pheasant feathers, pomegranates and pine cones displayed in Laura
s stunning red sitting room.

Laura effortlessly combines glass, moss and silver to create this striking display.

Laura’s collection of carolers.

A gathering of carolers is always interesting. I love to take a close look at the ones that people have collected over the years. You can actually design your own caroler on the Byers Choice website, or choose from the many adorable ones in their ever changing collection. I have a couple of my own, but would like to start adding some new ones ...

I might start with this guy.

Every year at the holiday party, club members ooh and ahh over this chair of Laura’s. I just love the brave combination of brush fringe with red-on-pink leopard print. Fun pieces like this make her traditionally-styled home very designer-chic and current.

Even this platter of cookies has a designer touch. Frosted sugar cookies were made with a
monogram cookie cutter – one for each of the three women who hosted our garden club holiday party. Thanks again to Laura Thomson, Tracy Drislane and Maura Quinn for a delicious, elegant and festive evening!

The next holiday decorating story that I want to share is a bit more casual ...

Recently spotted at Northeast Tennis ...
decorating with tennis balls. A very playful idea (not mine, but I loved it).

For the golf enthusiast, throw (correction: carefully place) a bunch of red, green and white balls in a tall glass cylinder for a similar effect.

How cute are these? A simple pin holds the bow and fishing line in place. By far my favorite never-seen-before idea of the season.

Not to be outdone ... my car windshield decorated like sparkling feathers courtesy of Mother Nature. Amazing.

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  1. Great decorations, they are Christmasy but sophisticated at the same time. Great ideas with the tennis balls and the cookies look great!


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