Friday, December 11, 2009

Taking time to light the candles ...

Okay, how j’adorable is this ceramic Squirrel by designer and master potter Jonathan Adler? Adler, who has a new design store in Boston, actually learned how to throw clay as a kid while attending Jewish summer camp. He makes much more than cups to hold coffee these days – this squirrel is actually a ring box. I think it would also be a nice holiday decoration for those of you celebrate the eight days of giving small gifts during the season of Hanukkah – or Chanukah – which starts this evening. I was inspired earlier today by two of my Jewish friends (after playing an appetite-inducing game of tennis, that is!) to consider how I would decorate my table for the Festival of Lights. Thanks, Jill and Audrey, for the inspiration behind this post (and for proof-reading, Jill! ;)

Moose Menorah from

First off, I would start with an unusual menorah to set a natural scene for my holiday table.

Some sweet honey scented Beeswax Candles for Chanukah (a total of 45 candles are used over the eight day period) would add to the organic look.

This verdant green leaf shaped Ojai Serving Tray (also from Top Design star/judge Adler) would be nice piled high with golden potato latkes. The green and yellow glazed Ojai Small Bowls from this series are the perfect size for applesauce and sour cream.

Oh (or should I say Oy?) I am getting hungry!

Setting what I consider a “sacred table for the holidays wouldn’t be complete without some pretty special occasion linens. This festive dotted Pallini tablecloth adds a modern touch of the traditional blue and white of Hanukkah, and is also symbolic of the round chocolate gelt coins that kids (and adults) look forward to each year.

And to win that chocolate, spinning this pretty nature-inspired Leaf Dreidel would be a fun way to spend an evening celebrating traditions with family and friends.

Happy Hanukkah!
xo Yvonne


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