Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Decorating the great outdoors ...

A small “tree decorates
our garden room.

A winter flower box.

I thought these lichen covered branches that
fell from a tree were particularly beautiful.

When my boys were very little – we had three at the time under the age of four – we decided it would be best to put the tree outside on our deck, which was visible from our family room sliding glass doors.

We decorated it with orange slices and birdseed ornaments. It was fun to watch the visiting wildlife just outside of our window, like the night a possum came and slept beneath it!

This was the image from our holiday card last year. Unfortunately, the arbor fell during a winter storm a couple weeks ago. It was over 50 years old and one of the main features that attracted us to “this old house.
Does anyone know how to successfully relocate grapevines??? For now, I am putting a pergola on my wish list. This one would do nicely ...

Pergola made from redwood poles

Art by Beth Hylan

Dear Santa; A spring delivery
would be appreciated.

xo Yvonne

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