Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Designfest 2011

Seen in New England Home Magazine May/June 2011:
With Linda Smith and Rosanne Palazola at
First Oriental Rugs Spring Floral Splash
photo credit: John LeJeune

So today I went back to the Wenham Museum to meet friends who were coming to visit. Can I just tell you how nice it was to entertain knowing that my space was going to look exactly the way it did when I left it? Besides watering the topiary rose trees, I did not have to pick up or straighten out or hide the stuff of life which is typically what happens before guests arrive in my house! While I was there, I did pick up a copy of New England Home Magazine in the entry way of the museum. NE Home is the media sponsor of the North Shore Design Show, so each visitor gets a free copy with admission. I had heard rumors that the New England Fine Living girls were somewhere in the party pictures, and I found us on page 124. Fine carpets make the best photographic backdrops, don’t you agree?

The Roman Folly Garden designed by Gallery Della Piana

Happy to see: Dorothy, Marianne, Christine, Shirley and Susan

I had lots of great visitors today! It was so fun to walk through the show with them and share a little background on each of the participating designers. Afterward we went for a hearty lunch at the Wenham Tea House. You would think portions at a tea house would be dainty, but bring your appetite if you go! I brought home half of my meal of chicken kabob over orzo with feta and grilled veggies. Next time, however, I will be going straight for the dessert ... the warm bread pudding was served in a big bowl and was piled high with fresh whipped cream! Yum!

Spending the day with my good friends took away a bit of the sting of not being able to attend Blogfest 2011 in New York. Back in January I had signed up for this design-and-lifestyle blogger behind-the-scenes tour of the New York design world. Even though my usual travel companions weren’t able to attend the event, I still put my name on the list and was able to secure a spot just before admission to the event was closed. At the time, I had not received confirmation of participation in the design show at Wenham, so I figured I would sign up and see what happened. Then when my submission was accepted at Wenham I figured maybe I could still squeeze in a few days in New York during the middle of the show.

A room for an aspiring drama queen by Timeless Interiors

But the truth is, I love every minute of the Wenham show and couldn’t leave it even for the incredible opportunity of meeting some of the best magazine editors in the industry (Veranda, House Beautiful, Town & Country, Architectural Digest) and many incredible design professionals and bloggers who I follow online.

Afternoon Tea: Mary O’Neill Interior Design

So this year I will be enjoying Blogfest vicariously through the posts and tweets of my online friends who are there right now, while I am entertaining IRL friends back home : ) I hope whoever got my relinquished (and coveted) spot is having the best possible time being inspired (and going to some really great industry parties) in New York!

Camille Garro Interiors & Couture
Pretty in Poppy Studio Suite

Maybe when my Boston friends return home from this whirlwind trip, we can sit down and brainstorm some type of Boston Blogfest? There is a lot of great design happening right in our area (especially on the North Shore this week only : )


  1. I am so excited to see your space on Friday!!! By the way, love the new photo above your bio on the blog--so happy you used it. You are so lovely...

  2. Thank you for the updated pic, Liz! It will always remind me of our first shoot for New England Finery!

  3. Yvonne,
    You look great and yes the rugs make a perfect background!

    What a great time from everyone who has posted has said!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my Great Giveaway from Serena & Lily!

    You will love it!


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