Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tweet up at 12 Chairs

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Boston design industry tweet-up hosted at 12 Chairs on A Street in Boston. This Fort Point based interior design studio and home furnishings shop, run by Roisin Giese and Miggy Mason, offers a well-edited selection of sustainable design goodies, gift items and furniture. They also display local artists ... I loved this painting of a city alley (above photo, right-hand corner) which reminded me of a recent New England Finery photo shoot in the North End (see page 40 of the April/May issue).

From left: Roisin, Miggy, Jennifer and Julieann

The event was put together by social media wonder Julieann Covino of Jace Interiors along with Jennifer Driscoll, editor of Perspective Magazine, another digital design publication which features architectural design in New England. The event took place just a day after the launch of New England Finery issue 2, so Jen and I had a lot to talk about! Perspectives Magazine already has 7 issues published, and Jen was more than generous in sharing her tips in running a successful design magazine online.

Sharing ideas and resources along with celebrating Boston-based design was the objective of this get together. As Julieann mentioned, Boston has a strong design community, and while it is great to connect on twitter and facebook (which is how many of us communicate), seeing each other “in real life
at these types of gatherings is a great way to really get to know the many talented people in our business.

I went to the event with my friend Rosanne, and we enjoyed some delicious munchies, wine and Prosecco (my favorite ; ) while chatting with new and old friends. While I didn’t take a lot of people pictures (we were too busy talking) here are some quick mentions of who was in attendance ...

Linda Merrill of Surroundings (another designer with a great digital design magazine) who I have mentioned numerous times on this blog!

Photographer Michael J. Lee, who actually shoots all the covers for Surroundings Magazine and whose work has been seen in a wealth of other shelter publications (he even made it in
New England Finery, see page 32-33 of issue 2).

Designer Leslie Fine, who wrote an article for New England Finery issue 2 (see pages 28 – 31). While we were talking that night, she mentioned an upcoming project to design a 20 x 30 foot display area for the Residential Design and Construction Show for New England Home Magazine (who we have both guest blogged for recently). Take a look at how it came out by visiting her design blog. Fabulous!

I also got to meet Katie Rosenfeld a designer from Weston who I had only “spoken with on twitter previously. We had discovered online that we both attended Boston College around the same time. We have probably crossed paths many times without realizing it!

I met others including lifestyle blogger Erika Johnson of Radiant Republic, designer Rachel Reider who just won this award, artist Marilyn MacLeod, photographer Sarah Winchester, remodeling expert David West, and Christina Tassie Miller of the PR firm J.D. Communications.

Lots of design-related professionals were there, so if you are in the area and would like to meet a bunch of creatives at the next event, contact Julieann at Jace Interiors and she will make sure you get an invitation.

And did I mention there were prizes? I actually won this gorgeous silk/cotton ikat pillow from Fabricadabra. It is going to a special someone who has just this color on one of the walls in her home. If you are reading this, Mom, pretend that you are surprised when you get it ; )

Thanks to Julieann, Jennifer, Miggy and Roisin for hosting this fun event. I look forward to seeing you and everyone else at the next one!

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  1. thank you thank you for all of your support! We have such a wonderful design community, it is nice to meet in real life. What a great daughter you are, your Mom will love the pillow!


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