Monday, June 28, 2010

“Seaside glamour” at the Belle Mer

When my friend, Brenda, and I arrived at the
Belle Mer in Newport, Rhode Island on Saturday
to attend an afternoon cocktail party hosted
by her friend, Liz, this is what we saw ...

An elegant palette of black and
white dressed the grounds.

Wide walkways paved with crushed shells led to
charming places to sit and enjoy the ocean view.

This conversation area was
a real conversation starter!

Large bunches of hydrangeas graced each table.

I wish we could have stayed long enough to
enjoy a fire by the ocean. Maybe next time?

A glimpse at the tables inside.
I wonder who was coming after us?

Sheer curtains and tall grasses were swaying with the
ocean breeze as we reluctantly departed for home.

To see some beautiful event photos taken at the Belle Mer or the other super-glam boutique venues in the Longwood Events group, click here. I actually had an interview scheduled with Longwood Events a few years ago for the position of event interior designer. For a couple of reasons, the interview did not take place (timing was not right, stars were not aligned, however you want to look at it!) and after spending a champagne-filled-afternoon enjoying this particular venue, I am wondering how things might have been different if I had made it to that interview?!?

Martini Bar at the Belle Mer, photo from L:e Bride blog

If you are a bride, or bride-to-be, check out Longwood Events L:e Bride blog to view some of the latest wedding trends in design, fashion and lifestyle. Even if planning a wedding is not on your agenda, there are some great ideas for summer entertaining like a gourmet luge (now that brings back some memories ; )


  1. Wow, how amazing. I love the outdoor seating!

  2. Ooooh, I'd love to shoot a wedding here! Love the photos. I have to find a way to slip into the Newport wedding scene...

  3. This is where my husband and I got married! It is a beautiful place to have a wedding!

    Kirsten DeSanto


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