Friday, July 30, 2010

Finding a fabric

A couple of years ago, a client (and friend) showed me this vintage peacock fabric found in London. She had two large panels of it framed for her home. Really stunning. With the little bit that was left over, I had a small pillow made (backed with gold velvet). I also had some great red fabric in my collection of “I will use these cool fabrics for something someday.” The green leaf on this fabric closely resembled the green leaf at the foot of the peacock ... the color and style were a perfect match! I love when that happens! Here is what the pillows look like back and front ...

Early in July, another friend of mine, who is also a designer, emailed me asking about the peacock pillow. Where could she find that fabric? She had been searching for a peacock print for a design project and when she googled “peacock fabric my website with the image above came up (which reminds me I really have to update my website with more portfolio images!)
I told my friend that, unfortunately, it was vintage, so she continued her search for something similar.

This week, while I was catching up on some favorite blogs, I came across this post (scroll down to the second photo) with a picture of the same peacock fabric on another pillow!!! I had to ask the
blog author, where did you get this???

Carlee (who I met in Boston at the BDC when we were both there to see Margaret Russell) was kind enough to share her sources. I found out that she had found her pillow at Pottery Barn a couple of years ago when they carried a collection called “Bettina that happened to be made out of a reproduction of the same print (which I believe was made by Braemore)
as our vintage favorite!

Pieces from the collection (and yardage) are now available online only through ebay, so I sent this new information along to my designer friend.

Of course, the vintage version has a nicer patina, but if the newer fabric were tea-stained it might be a close match. Isn’t it amazing when you unexpectedly stumble upon just what you were looking for???
I love when that happens, and I love following
design blogs for this very reason!

Have you ever found just what you were
looking for while reading a design blog?


  1. I love that fabric! I actually would love one more made so I have a matching set. hmmmm....

  2. Thanks, again, Carlee, for helping me to solve this mystery!

  3. Thank you for solving the mystery for me as well!

  4. That’s really funny although kinda annoying that your treasured vintage fabric is now being mass produced somewhere. Ah, I guess copying is the best form of flattery right?

    Either way I LOVE your vintage pillow and think it is beautiful!


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