Thursday, June 10, 2010

Painting pink ...

Whenever I first sit down to paint, it takes
awhile to push away the thoughts. Then there
comes a turning point where I am just enjoying
the process of combining colors on canvas.
Pink has been speaking to me lately.

This was the still-life set up at the studio
today by instructor/friend Mary Taggart.

I even like how my palette turned out ...

Now that I am loosened up, I am going to
take out my biggest brushes and try to get some
painting projects done around my house ; )

P.S. My art teacher, Mary, recommended today that we all check out the blog of Carol Marine, an artist from Texas who works on a painting a day that she later posts on her blog and then lists on ebay. I just discovered she is actually visiting New England right now for an artists workshop that she just finished in Newburyport (too late to sign up for that one!) Check out her work and you will see how committing to an artful life on a daily basis has served her talent well. Some of her paintings even made it to the big screen (Letters to Juliet)! I think she is on to something, and I may give this painting on a daily basis a shot (if nothing else, it is very meditative).


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