Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A lesson in editing ...

We bloggers always like to start with our “after
photos, like this one taken at the home of one of my decorating clients. What I really love about this space is that we were able to design a newly modern look by incorporating graphic fabrics and subtle colors while still using the existing sofa which was in perfect condition. I acted as “design coach on this project as my client just needed to discuss her ideas and get to the point where she was confident about her decisions. Being a professional window treatment fabricator and installer, she has seen many beautiful homes (and has helped to make them beautiful!), but when it came time to redecorate her own living space, I think she was just a little overwhelmed with all of the design information that she had been exposed to. Here is the “before photo of her formal living room ...

In order to freshen up the space, my recommendation was to change the white walls to a soft green. Instead of keeping the traditionally formal, heavily floral window treatments, we discussed creating less complicated drapery panels out of a solid natural linen to hang on decorative wooden rods. The Belgian linen in robin’s egg blue that she found was stunningly perfect, and the soft header looks lush
without being overly dramatic.

I just love the blue and white fabric that my client chose to reupholster what used to be pink chairs. By editing the large dose of pink out of her color scheme, the smaller bit of pink in the sofa stripe
becomes much more interesting.

And finally, she repeated the graphic pattern on a pair of side chairs, contrasting with a blue sunsuede seat cushion, creating a much more sophisticated look to the grouping. Here are what the chairs looked like “before
being reupholstered ...

I really enjoyed being asked to help my client move forward with her decorating project. We can all benefit from another set of eyes at times, especially when we have become so accustomed to our everyday surroundings that we no longer are able
to see what is right in front of us.

When you feel that it’s time to reevaluate your own living spaces, contact me to set up a design consultation (in person, or virtually).

Together we can add a fresh look to an existing space, making it one you will love to come home to.

Email me at yblacker@verizon.net or call
617.899.1226 to set up a design consultation.

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