Monday, June 14, 2010

Showing some love for Nate Berkus

When my boys were all little (and before I had DVR ; ) I spent many an afternoon from 4pm to 5pm, tuned in to the Oprah show. Like many other stay-at-home moms, a really good day would involve a guest appearance by “cutie-pie decorator (as Oprah calls him) Nate Berkus. If Nate was on, I would telephone other friends who were home (we did not talk via email or text back then) and I would snuggle on the couch (usually with a baby in my arms), put my feet up (without a bit of guilt!) and dream of Nate
knocking on my own door some day!

{Image From Nate’s book: Home Rules}
Photograph by John Bessler

Nate’s first makeover for the Oprah show, in which he gives a tiny Boston apartment star treatment, is still one of my all-time favorites. His philosophy of appreciating what you have to work with – and making it work for how you live – is what made me fall in love.

Home Rules by Nate Berkus
Photograph by Fernando Bengoechea

While Nate has only been a “virtual guest in my home, I actually have seen him in person at Oprah’s “Live Your Best Life tour when it came to Boston. I wasn’t blogging back then, but if I was, I surely would have made every effort to get a snapshot with one of my favorite design stars! Instead, my sister and I listened to him share his decorating tips and techniques, and when it came time for the audience to ask him questions I was TOO SHY to raise my hand
(what would you have done????)

Nate’s book was a part of my designed space at the
North Shore Design Show: Favorite Spaces

I do have a copy of Nate’s book, however, and here are a few photos of my favorite Nate-designed spaces ...

{Image From Nate’s book: Home Rules}
Photograph by John Bessler

Even Trading Spaces host, Paige Davis, knew Nate could help her live beautifully. He combined her love of modern and rustic in a big way when he made over her small space apartment. Using organic items to decorate a space is a common feature in Nate’s work.

{Image From Nate’s book: Home Rules}
Photograph by Fernando Bengoechea

This makeover incorporated sacred moments
to celebrate the passed life of a loved one.

Let the sun shine in featured on
Photograph by Fernando Bengoechea

Recently Nate announced on Oprah that he will be launching his own talk show on September 13th.
The Nate Berkus Show “will apply his approach to decorating to every part of life.
Sign me up! What I have always loved the most about Nate is that his style is always about people and not things. Objects are cherished for the memories that they represent. Every space is more about the unique presence of individuals than it is about following trends or having
the latest and the greatest.

{Image From Nate’s book: Home Rules}
Photograph by John Bessler

I love that this child’s room is super sophisticated,
yet visually playful at the same time.

Go inside Nate’s home as featured on

Nate’s own home appears thoughtful and subdued. I am beginning to appreciate his desire for white walls!

{Image From Nate’s book: Home Rules}
Photograph by John Bessler

Nate is an avid collector and loves to shop the antique markets. For his new venture, I hope that he plans
to take us along for the ride on his shopping
- and life - journeys.

In my own home: a pretty, yet functional, Nate Berkus item
from a collection that he designed for Linens-N-Things

Herringbone Throw from Nate’s collection
for the Home Shopping Network. Love it!

Nate has certainly been very busy over the past eight years, taking on over-the-top decorating makeovers to small space challenges to creating products for us at home to hosting a talk-radio program and even a charitable reality show (remember Oprah’s Big Give?) I am sure that whatever Nate takes on next will be guided by his warm and caring nature and his “big ole heart
(another Oprah quote!) Best of luck and heartfelt wishes to you, Nate! Your devoted audience awaits and is so ready to cheer you on : )

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  1. Thanks Yvonne for the shout out, that was so very sweet! I too LOVED his Boston makeover show and always wished for my tiny apt in Cambridge to have a makeover like that! Thanks again for participating in #nateday!

  2. I am in love with Nate, he can do no wrong in my eyes and is my pretend boyfriend :)


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