Sunday, September 13, 2009

We have a winner!

Antonio’s eclectic living room gets my vote
Photo from HGTV Design Star website

As any artist knows, design is a subjective matter. But in the case of HGTV Design Star, the winner has to be far more than a thoughtful designer who can get the job done. He (in this case) has to be able to entertain and give viewers a reason to tune in. Who isn’t just a little curious about what Antonio is going to come up with over the course of his own show? I admit I favored Antonio because he is a firm believer in setting a stage, just like I am. Everyone has a unique story to tell – create some star-quality drama and have fun doing it. I find Antonio’s renegade sense of humor refreshing, and love the fact that he looks capable of handling any design challenge from start to finish. While he could use a little help pulling together the small details (need an interior stylist on your crew??) I am looking forward to tuning-in to HGTV to see more of his entertaining take on design.

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