Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I SPY ... the printed word recycled

Spotted this week at my local HomeGoods:
eye-catching containers fashioned out of recycled magazines
that would look very cool on a desk in a home office.

I have been clearing the clutter from the 2nd floor space above my garage this week. Basically, it is a storage area gone wild ... full of toys, books, seasonal clothing, furniture found on the side of the road to be transformed (when???) into something beautiful, and TONS OF DESIGN MAGAZINES! While I can never part with a good magazine (I seriously have a problem letting my little photo-filled friends go!) I did run across a couple of sites that feature printed materials repurposed for decorative use.

Recycled Magazine Round Wall Mirror
by Linon available online at

Eco-Weekender Recycled Market Bag
These totes made from recycled rice and feed bags lined with cotton, are a green-fashion-statement and a real steal at $25.00 each
I love this site!

Recycled Newspaper Market Bag

A little pricey at $52.00 each, but they remind me of how my mom always wrapped our birthday gifts with the comic section of the Sunday paper. She still wraps gifts in this offbeat way, using the front of a card, magazine spreads and even junk mail (stickers and gift cards from charities, it all gets put to use)! I wish I had a photo of the refrigerator that she decoupaged when I was little. It was AMAZING. She covered the entire front of a vintage fridge with magazine clippings and then shellaced the entire collage. Hmm, I might just have an idea for those magazines I have been saving after all!

In the meantime,
I discovered a worn-to-bits, but much-loved copy of Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak in a box of books that I had put away. I surprised my boys by framing a page for their bedroom (of course then they wanted to read the whole story -- minus one page -- oops!). Luckily, the movie version of this story is being released in just a few weeks. 6 (recyclable) tickets please!

Find a way to recycle your magazines
and this post (forward to a friend!)

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