Friday, October 28, 2016

ORC: Laundry Room / Week 4

It’s week four of the Calling It Home design bloggers #OneRoomChallenge and I’m getting excited to see the selected design elements for my laundry room makeover all come together! What do you think of my design board above? This is how I imagine our completed laundry room will look. I especially like that there is one perfectly white, fluffy clean towel ready and waiting on the folding table (island available online from Lowes) for each member of our family of six!

As I mentioned, I am working as a designer on call with the Design with Lowe’s online interior designer program (powered by Decorist) to source key pieces for this space that has been seriously neglected, organization-wise, for years. I really can’t wait for this room to be beautiful, intentional and welcoming! It will make the chore of washing, folding, and sorting so much more enjoyable!

Backsplash tile option that I am considering from Lowe’s:

Laundry sink faucet option:
Brizo Artesso Single Handle Articulating Faucet with Smart Touch

This very cool articulating kitchen faucet (you can remove the spray nozzle and semi-flexible tube neck from the repositionable chrome arm) is actually in my personal design inventory (I won it at a design event, thank you, Brizo and Designer Bath!) The original crystal finial faucet I was thinking of installing (see it here) will actually be featured in a unique design project that I will be posting about later.) While the Brizo brand (Deltas luxury line available only in showrooms) is not carried by Lowe’s, they do have some pretty nice top-of-the-line faucets along with on-trend and classic styles available in a variety of price points from budget friendly to investment worthy. I am quite impressed with their selection, to be honest. After spending many years in a luxury kitchen and bath showroom environment, and being married to a licensed contractor who specializes in these types of projects, I certainly appreciate what it takes to make a hard-working fixture that can be relied on for years to come. My advice? Don’t skimp when  it comes to the fixtures you use every single day, over and over again! The brands that may cost a little more will usually serve you well, and will look and feel good to the touch. 

What exactly does with Design with Lowe’s offer?

The process for the DWL’s program is pretty similar to how I would approach a consult with any one of my own clients in real life. First, the online client chooses a space that needs help (bath, kitchen, laundry room, living room, bedroom, etc.) Next they can select a designer to guide their project (please pick me!) or they will be assigned one for a flat fee of $149 (hello, this is quite a bargain!) The client takes an online design quiz answering a series of questions ranging from what type of home decor styles they favor, to what items they will be keeping in their room, to how they envision the space will feel when it’s done. They upload photos of the space, pictures of items they are keeping, and even attach floor plans for the designer to review. The more info the better! The chosen designer is notified that they have a project in their queue and then the fun begins! And the whole process only takes a couple weeks from start to finish depending on how quickly designer concepts are approved by the client.

 Take the Design with Lowe’s online Style Quiz here

If you ever have a project that you are struggling with, DWL is such a valuable service! Just to get a professional’s opinion, someone who has seen your type of project completed from beginning to end, someone who is there to answer your questions with an objective eye, someone who is familiar with the brands offered through Lowe’s as well as some additional home decor categories that are available through this program ... how cool is that to have this type of peace of mind so that you can make purchasing decisions with confidence?

Sample concept boards from my DWL project

My current design client that I am working with via this program has expressed her sincere gratitude at having access to a design professional who is up on design trends as well as experienced in specifying products for kitchen and bath. She is thrilled to have discovered together fresh design ideas that she may not have come up with on her own. Together we have come up with a beautiful design solution for her kitchen renovation. The DWL program is a a really fun process and I love that I can work at my own pace during the hours that suit my schedule (designer night owl over here!)

Next week is crunch time for the One Room Challenge (week 5 of 6!) and I hope that I will have some real photos to show you of the progress in my space. Until then, I hope all of you that are participating in this online event are finding success with your own design plans. This is my 3rd time participating, and each season has had its own challenges. But each go around, I learn so much, and am seriously inspired by the others who are also giving design accountability a shot. Check out the other guest participants here and sponsored designers here. See you back here next week or follow me on Instagram here.


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