Thursday, October 20, 2016

ORC: Design Selections / Week 3

When you are in the laundry room as much as we are in our household of six, there needs to be something to do while folding all of that laundry! As part of my Design with Lowe’s focused laundry room makeover for the Calling it Home One Room Challenge, I discovered the inspirational quotes artwork above in their home furnishings section. My boys do a lot of their own laundry, so I love the idea of having these words of wisdom front and center for them to read each day while tending to the ritual of clothing care. 

A beautiful table upon which to fold clothes is also in order. This rustic open shelved version on casters is perfect! I found it located in the kitchen island section of the Lowes website, but I imagine it will make a great surface for laundry sorting. We will probably even store clean towels on the bottom two shelves, and items that need to hang dry could go on the towel bars located on each end. I really love this piece and know it will be gorgeous in our modern farmhouse style home.

We have three standard size windows in our laundry room. Two of them look out onto the backyard, so they may not even need to be covered. The one that requires more privacy will likely get a set of shutters. I like that I can still get plenty of sunlight and sufficient ventilation when the shutter vanes are open. This is very important in a busy laundry room!

There’s already a wool carpet in our current laundry room (somewhat similar in color to the one above), but if I decide to replace it, this one would be stunning! It’s a high quality hand-knotted Oriental made with New Zealand wool. So pretty!

Have your design questions answered via Design with Lowe’s

I am getting so excited to transform this space for the #OneRoomChallenge! I know I still have a lot to do, but I feel confident in moving forward now that I have made the majority of my design decisions. That’s half the battle, right?

Did you know that the Design with Lowe’s program offers FREE advice via their Ask a Designer feature? They also have an option to schedule a Q+A with a designer via their Video Session option where you can show a designer your space during a 30 minute online consult (for a small fee). What a great way to have access to professional design advice right in your home with a designer who could even be across the country! I’m looking forward to participating in both of these design service options along with the complete Room Design process. I am working on design plans for a Lowe’s customer now, and hopefully will have another design project reveal to show you after this personal challenge is over.

How is everyone else doing with their One Room Challenges now that we are at the half way point? Check out their progress here (sponsored designers) and here (guest participants). How fun is it to follow along and find inspiration in how others face their own design challenges at home?


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