Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jonathan Adler Studio #Blogfest2013 part 2

Our first night of Blogfest 2013 in New York started with a cocktail party at the Jonathan Adler retail location on Madison Avenue. I have always been a fan of Jonathan Adler designs. Graphic patterns, happy colors, and spirited style with a sense of humour. Surrounded by a showroom of his artistic expression was a real treat, and a fab way to kick off our “we love to blog about pretty things field trip.

photo credit: Linda Holt

As I mentioned in my last post, Linda and I dressed in JA-inspired cocktail attire. Traveling with a former portrait photographer has its advantages (Linda’s specialty was head shots for models and celebs in the Boston area). 

Jonathan Adler cozy throws in my
favorite patterns and colorways.

Pops of color combine effortlessly with black and brass accents. 

Smiles all around. A happy place.

Tobi Fairley Design Campers meet again at Blogfest 2013:
Leslie Hassler, Linda Holt, Ann McDonald

Brass lovelies from the hard glamour collection.

With Mindy Miles Greenberg, Colleen Carney, Linda Holt and Lisa Ehrlich
(I met Lisa at the International Gift Fair a couple years ago)

Simply mahvelous: white porcelain Muse vessels.

Southern charm: Kevin Wild, Brandy Scott and Shay Geyer
(I met Shay in the Nate Day blogger audience in 2010)

Adoring these agate coasters!

Boston bloggers: with Linda Holt and Laurie Gorelick

Our cocktail party surroundings were quite distracting what with all the shiny objects and bright baubles (including furnishings AND blogger fashions!) Being the first evening of our three-day design adventure, we were all excited about our Blogfest agenda. Meeting up with aquaintances from past design related events and twitter chats made the evening feel oddly familiar.

A couple of designers in the crowd were also from the Boston area, and a large number of the attending bloggers were Brizo alum like myself, so we will be seeing each other again in Memphis come July for the Brizo Blogger 19 Reunion. Woo hoo! I think I am finally starting to enjoy traveling (okay, I admit it’s a little easier to unwind when I’m not responsible for the packing and entertaining of an energetic family of six, with myself the only girl!)

Pick-a-card networking: Jeffrey Johnson chooses his favorite color
from Linda’s selection of newly printed business cards.

The Leo in me loves this guy.

Thank you, Jonathan, for welcoming us! After the Adler team closed up shop, a group of us headed out to enjoy a late dinner.  

Laurie Gorelick, Courtney Price, Linda Holt, Vicki Bolick

With Manvi Hildago Drona and Mindy Miles Greenberg
photo credit: Courtney Price

Sharing a meal together is the best way to really get to know each other. We found out who has pets, who has children, who has a daughter living in the city, who loves photography, and who used to be a regular on HGTV (that would be Mindy!) While we were enjoying our girl talk, there was a long table next to us seated with New York pre-teens enjoying the birthday celebration of one of their girlfriends. They were adorable! One of them said she liked my dress as I walked by. I hope it was a sincere compliment – too many episodes of Gossip Girl makes me wonder : )  

Quick cab ride back to Yotel for one more drink before calling it a night.

Next up: Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse!


  1. Fantastic post & pictures Yvonne! I'm a fellow Leo too, how fun ;) Xoxo Colleen

  2. Super recap and great photos Yvonne. You can definitely add photographer to your already long list of talents.

  3. Loving your recap !!! I'm not a Leo but I'm a sucker for all things lion... :)


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