Monday, August 23, 2010

A few words from a friend ...

My friend, Rosanne Palazola of Tuttle & Co.
in her designed space at Tapley Hall for

Reflecting on Danvers History through
Interior Design
, July 2010

Portrait of Louise Thoron Endicott
by John Singer Sargent

Rosanne’s space at the summer design show at Tapley Hall paid tribute to Louise “Lulu” Thoron Endicott, who while a privileged resident at Glen Magna Farms during the early 1900’s, was not afraid to get her hands dirty, and spent much of her time tending the gardens.

Inspired to bring the outdoors in, Rosanne created
a thoughtful vignette that combined items from
the Danvers Historical Society collection with
a handful of modern elements for this indoor
version of a gardener’s potting shed

Carpet from First Oriental Rugs of Danvers

Rosanne combined richly textured fabrics,
simple burlap walls, and artful images to
create a charming and memorable space.

The sentiment on this accent pillow was
appreciated by many visitors to the show.

An historically patterned floorcloth created by
Lisa Curry Mair of Canvasworks Floorcloths

Please visit Rosanne’s design blog, Focus on Design when you get a chance. Her recent post on a canvas floorcloth presentation that we both saw while at Glen Magna Farms for our Designer High Tea includes a lot of the information that I have been meaning to share (it is so nice to have friends who participate in the same events and then write about them in their own blog!) Since I have been noticing floorcloths a lot lately – chevron patterns seen on numerous design blogs and a large scale shell painted on one at the York Decorator Show House – I thought it would be nice to share a bit of this conversation with you ...

Click here for more about floorcloths
in the words of Rosanne Palazola

Question: What would your floorcloth look like if you were to commission (or make one) for your home? Click here to add your thoughts on the Canvasworks blog, or feel free to share your comments here!


  1. Thanks Yvonne! What a wonderful post! You are very gracious in promoting the works of others! I so much enjoyed working at the Danvers Design show because it was made up of a group of professionals who were talented, friendly and truly interested in each other's work. And it shows in your posts! Thank you again!

  2. Yvonne... the design world is such a wonderful & supportive one... & you are a very special person in it! I always enjoy following your blog because you offer such inspiring awareness of what's happening in interior design... through your work & that of others. It's great that you are featuring our mutual friend Rosanne... her potting shed at the Danvers Design show was so refreshing & creative for an interior space. I also loved your dreamy nursery... the decoupaged room divider was especially fun:)


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