Friday, August 13, 2010

The Summer Nursery: Design in Detail

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Wertz

When I design a space, my goal is to weave together fine details to create a grand picture that is both beautiful and engaging. For The Summer Nursery at Tapley Hall, I chose details that reflect a story book theme, the spirit of adventure, and the tender touch of mother nature. It is an imaginative space that honors the classic relationship between parent and child.

Natural textures played an important role in telling this
story by-the-sea. Linen. Wicker. Rattan. Grass.

I picture this nursery in a grand Victorian, somewhere along the ocean’s edge. A true respite from the city.
A quiet place to relax and enjoy the natural rhythms
of the ocean while celebrating the ebb
and flow of motherhood.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Wertz

This is a story of juxtapositions where visual
contrasts create symbolic interest ...

Traditional styling paired with modern fabrics.
Fine art sharing space with story book illustrations.
Tailored pieces with a hint of youthful exuberance.

Bright pops of color and playful patterns infuse
this vintage space with modern freshness.

Favorite characters add visual entertainment while
preserving cherished memories from “story time.

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
Little Bear by Elise Holmelund Minarik
A Frog in the Bog by Karma Wilson
Zen Shorts by Jon Muth
Anything by Eric Carle

A story to ponder is woven in wool.

Zebra and leopard prints pay homage to
the wild adventure that is parenthood.

Expectations, a collection of candid photographs
and reflective stories from new mothers,
reads very much like a blog. It was published
in 1998, the year I had my first.

A little boy charms.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Wertz

A charming little boy, illustrated by my
all-time childhood favorite, Eloise Wilkin.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Wertz

A wildly adorable visitor finds a perfect place to sit.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Wertz

Simple dressing of a palladian window
includes a summery sheer that
captures light and softens the view.

Dragonflies, tassels, and garlands of pearl add
a touch of whimsy to the traditional valance.

More tassels are repeated on
a vintage reading lamp.

And one more tassel
decorates a doorknob.

A crown because every child is royalty and
every mom should be treated like a queen.

Stars from the sea as a reminder
of a child’s limitless potential.

A mother’s pearls add natural sparkle.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Wertz

A sequined pillow shines brightly.
Truly, a baby is a blessing.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Wertz

Sweet dreams ...

Special thanks goes to:

Bassinet: Danvers Historical Society Collection
“Summer Sky” oil painting: Mary Taggart, Wakefield
Valance: RDR for Yvonne Blacker Interiors, Lynnfield
Upholstery and Sheer: Acorn Interiors, Andover
Persian Tabriz: First Oriental Rugs, Danvers
Flowers: Fiddlehead Flowers, Salem
Elizabeth Wertz Photography

And of course, I can’t forget ...

My husband, John, and the stars in our sky:
Zachary, Dylan, Owen and Ben

Thanks for all your love,
support, and inspiration!


  1. Wonderful work, Yvonne! Inspired by a Mother's Love. Beautiful!

  2. Yvonne, this post is magical, just like the room!!! I love your touching and poetic descriptions--and that every piece in the space is woven together into your theme....Every detail has metaphorical significance, and you atriculate that beautifully. You are a gifted writer as well as gifted visual artist! It makes me want to be in that room in the grand Victorian (my favorite), rocking my little one to the sound of the waves outside...I can't wait to photograph your next creation (with you in it this time :)


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