Monday, August 9, 2010

The Summer Nursery: the Proposal

When I first went to visit Tapley Hall in Danvers
to take a look at the spaces intended for the
summer design show, this is what I saw ...

It was around March when the call to designers went out. At the time, I was thinking about my participation in the North Shore Design Show scheduled for May at the Wenham Museum, but when I heard about this local (15 minutes from my house) new summer event to benefit the Danvers Historical Society,
I figured why not check it out?

This is what the foyer looked like upon entering. Who can resist this type of design challenge? I was hooked!

Some of the spaces had unique visual obstacles like these two plaques that had to remain on the wall. The “Tapleyville
sign, antique chair, and oil paintings belong to the historical society archives and were displayed as inspiration pieces that could be incorporated later into the designed vignettes.

How would you like to design around an air conditioner, radiator, support post or all three?
I kept walking ...

A blank wall beckons like a blank canvas ...

The stage would have been a great spot to shine ...

But I fell in love with a cozy corner with great light from its palladian window. The green trim and cream colored walls seemed easy enough to work with, and the carpet I knew would fade into the background with something fabulous on top of it from First Oriental Rugs. On the ride home, I started to think about
what kind of vignette I would like to create ...

Since my space for the Wenham show was a flashback to my youth where I daydreamed about my future career, I decided this space should reflect another stage of reverie. When I was little, I always dreamed about what my life would be like as a mom. When I became pregnant for the first time I spent a good nine months wondering about how much my world was going to change. I could hardly stand the waiting!! To pass the time, I started to think about how I wanted our baby’s room to look. I have decorated (and redecorated) a lot of kids rooms since then, however, that first space dedicated to our new baby and the beginning of my journey into motherhood will
always have a special place in my heart.

Come back tomorrow for the next chapter ...

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