Saturday, March 27, 2010

A new neighborhood to shop in ...

I can’t believe that I have not been doing the majority of my home accessory shopping in Concord, Massachusetts! My friend, Beth Hylan, has been telling me forever that I would love the quaint local shops filled with vintage treasures, and she was right. I took a mini road trip to Concord center yesterday to visit Beth in her new shop on the second floor of 44 Main Street (there are stairs outside the building), and met a couple of the other store owners who share this unique vantage point overlooking Main Street.

Here is the new logo that I created
to represent Beth’s new venture.

The overall decor of this shop is
very fresh and spring inspired.

There are lots of fresh greens and
organic objects to take home.

A window vignette greets visitors
both inside and out ...

while cute baby blossoms sprout
from miniature glass vases

Dried flowers and vintage illustrations are combined
with antique texts to create unique works of art.

All of Beth’s pieces tell a story.

You will find many new offerings in her
collection of handcrafted jewelry.

I might have to come back for these two ...

Just beyond Beth’s store window, to the left of her shop, is Nesting on Main. It is just as lovely as I have been told (Beth has been a regular there for years)! I could certainly spend a lot of time pouring over the many unique finds at this well-established vintage boutique (which I did!) The shop feels very French and is filled with curiosities.
Here are some photos of what I discovered while browsing ...

Such unusual green nests!

I love the scale of this super-sized black clock.
These pillows are a popular trend right now.

I did not realize that I *need* to have
a turtle shell, but now I think I do.

This photo looks a lot like one posted by Jamilyn of Living It At Home, another New England design blogger who loves a good treasure hunt. She happily stumbled across Nesting on Main in her travels.

Very pretty

Sweet lampshades
and interesting bugs.

I am mentally filing this image away
for when I need a bunch of antlers!

Although they do carry some
that are “ready to go.

I certainly will be back to check on this new favorite spot of mine. I left today with a bunch of great accessories to decorate a spring mantel, plus lots of inspiration for future design projects.
I will post pictures later!

After leaving Nesting, I stopped in to take a peek at the third space in this 2nd floor location. The shop owner of The Muse’s Window, Karin Biow, recently moved into this large space on the right side of Beth
s shop (she used to be in Beth’s cozy-corner).

This store is chock full of colorful
wares from talented artists.

Many one-of-a-kind ceramic
pieces grace the shelves.

Imagine how pretty these would
look set on a spring table.

These figurines would add a
whimsical touch to any space.

Crafted out of leather and filled with sand, these
heavy little guys from The Muse’s Window were my favorite. They make a sturdy and adorable door stop, perfect for a nursery or playroom (or for a designer’s office, if one felt so inclined!)

Next time you are in the Concord area, make sure you stop in to say hello to these delightful three shops located on the second floor of 44 Main Street.
Tell them I sent you!

Studio B

Nesting on Main


The Muse’s Window


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  1. Hello and thank you for the mention in your wonderful post about Concord and the lovely Nesting On Maine. It was really nice of you to include me! : )

    I have been meaning to go back to check out what she has brought back from France...if she is back. I love that store and think I could live inside it and be totally happy. I would love to even work there! Hee!

    I have popped my head into the other shops but don't remember your friend Beth's store. I will definitely check it out soon. I love Concord. Would love to move there and own a historic home and have a cute shop too!



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