Monday, March 15, 2010

Master bedroom ... window area

This week is going to be all about completing design projects! My darling husband has finished installing the new doors and trim work in our freshly plastered new master bedroom. We are ready to paint! My only hesitation is in this window area. I have illustrated above what the window treatment will look like: lined Roman shade on top, with cafe sheers below. I am contemplating adding an extremely pale pink to the ceiling in this area or maybe to the window wall. The rest of the room is going to be a creamy white. What I am not liking right now is the awkward planes of the raised dormer ceiling. We had to bump the height up since hubby is over 6 feet tall, but I am not crazy about looking at these angles. They are unsettling to me ...

Perhaps covering them with a creamy linen drapery panel on each side that is tied back to the wall might do the trick? I am thinking that would allow me to close off this section of the room when I am working late at night on my blog and husband is trying to sleep! Maybe there is another way to handle this? Or maybe once I fill the space, it will be less of a visual issue. Some of our friends have commented that they like the unusual look of the structure, meanwhile, I am still on the fence! How would you treat this type of ceiling? Please post comments or links if you have any ideas that you would like to share! Thanks!


  1. I like the curtain idea too, also sometimes instead of hiding it try to accentuate it. Paint a funky design or color to it.

  2. I would almost use those triangle areas to your advantage and maybe put letters there (first initals of you and your hubby's name) or small sconces to add something to it. Just a suggestion :)

  3. What great Architecture! Am so jealous:)

  4. Thanks for the input! I will keep you posted!


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