Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Improvements that make me happy ...

Our new refrigerator has arrived.

And so has spring!

Old magnets still work on new fridge!

Happy to see the sun shining
again in New England!

Now that the warmer weather is here (please stay!) we are ready to move on to the demolition of our 1960’s kitchen. How happy I will be to take a sledge hammer to that room! We got a decent 6 years out of the kitchen that came with this old farmhouse, but it is no longer functioning as the work-horse of the home should (especially for our large and always hungry family!) Even though living with our outdated kitchen has tried my patience — and has reduced my cooking efforts from Martha Stewart-like to just getting meals on the table — I am kind of glad that we waited so long to get to this part of our renovation process. With all of the great design ideas that I have been exposed to online and in magazines, I am more than ready to start this project! For now, our new refrigerator will be temporarily located in the dining room, so that we can make a new home for it in the adjacent kitchen. I am also happy to report that stainless steel blends very nicely with the gray blue of my dining room walls!

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  1. Looks great! I want spring to be here already, I need to do some gardening :)


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