Monday, March 29, 2010

Flood insurance ...

The Weatherend Westport Island Settee would
make a great outdoor – or indoor – piece.

Photo from Janus et Cie website

Well it’s raining in my part of New England again. Two more days of downpours are in the forecast. Many of us in my local area are just getting over a couple of weekends worth of heavy rain that kept us indoors for days on end, and then flooded many a basement. Fortunately, the basement in our home is not “finished,so all we had to do was watch that the pump did not burn out while working overtime to bring the water back up to the street level.
Others were not so lucky.

A scene taken from the pages of the Janus et Cie catalog.
Does this look familiar to anyone???

Keeping track of multiple pumps while rescuing furniture and other floating odds and ends is not a fun way to spend a weekend! After experiencing one or two storms like this, many often think, “what is the chance that we will be flooded again? Even with safety features like French drains or correctly positioned downspouts in place, the worst can still happen. Around here it is best to prepare for the worst,
yet hope for the best ...

With that in mind, I have chosen some great pieces of indoor/outdoor furniture that I saw recently at the Janus et Cie showroom in the Boston Design Center that would look very stylish in a finished basement and could certainly replace the waterlogged pieces that I have seen out on trash day. While these pieces may be more expensive than hand-me-down sofas that often find a home in downstairs playrooms, they are great investment pieces that you know will survive an inch or two of unexpected water (or 8 or more as some of us have recently witnessed!) With a grouping of these pieces on a tile floor made cozy with outdoor quality rugs, one could have a very chic downstairs dwelling that could easily survive the wrath of Mother Nature!

Almost too pretty to be outdoors.

Water would go right through
an open weave piece like this.

A stylish place to eat, do paper work
(file insurance claims?) or play cards.

This bench seating was super comfortable and could
easily support a crowd of tv viewers or gamers.

Avoiding any type of porous wood is key.

Cast aluminum frames like these are ideal.

Not afraid to get wet.

A wide variety of water-repelling Sunbrella
are available to create a custom look.

Kick back and celebrate knowing that your
investment is well protected (hello bar cart!)

Janus et Cie

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  1. What a great idea!!!! Never would have thought of putting outdoor furniture down in the basement. Especially since outdoor has become so stylish now.

    We of course are in the same boat as everyone here in MA. Our sump pump couldn't keep up and we naively went to the movies and came back with about 2 inches of water. When we bought the house it was a very nice finished (dated) basement that was functional. Now the rug is torn up, and it looks like a wreck! I am in denial and don't even want to ever go down there again! I am not inspired to decorate it again for fear it will flood again. I know at some point it will work out and we will be happy again!


  2. Those pieces are great and I hope the flooding ends soon!


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