Monday, March 23, 2009

Traditional styling of modern necessities

There is nothing good-looking about a cordless phone with answering machine (although some gadget-loving guys may say otherwise!) Instead of ignoring this modern-day eyesore, find a way to camouflage it, or creatively design around it like Ive done here. Using a traditional footed serving tray to elevate the scene, I composed a vignette that includes old-fashioned decorative favorites like a pair of glass votives paired with a ceramic planter.

The tray, which I discovered at a local HomeGoods, closely fits the curved shape of this vintage dressers black-painted top (almost like they were made for each other), which then repeats the black of the phone as well as the black of the boy’s outfit.

Design tip:
If an antique piece has drawers that are tough to open and shut, like this one, use them sparingly to hold items not needed on a regular basis. The wide drawers of this dresser are used to save art class projects that are periodically brought home from school.

With “Art in Bloom” still fresh in my mind, this serves as a great example of how to pair low maintenance plants, instead of fragile blossoms, with works of art. Around Easter, I will temporarily relocate this arrangement (yellow vase purchased through Southern Living at Home), and replace it with a larger grouping of tall white lillies as seen in the painting.

Historical style ...

I clearly wouldn’t have to disguise
beautifully designed phones like the vintage versions shown below. Additional bonus ... the earpiece would always be where I left it. Searching for a ringing cordless is not my idea of modern convenience!Although conversations on these stylish darlings might end up being pretty short without the advantage of being able to walk and talk ...

1930s Crosley Desk Telephone

This sleekly styled red number is my personal favorite. It would go great with the current trend of combining modern styling with vintage pieces ...I'll get it, dear!

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