Monday, March 2, 2009

Waiting for spring and something new ...

Sunny yellow kalanchoes in a brilliant aqua-blue urn; a garden friend in white; a modern vase with forced azalea blossoms; a folk-art inspired tray with a gentle reminder of gratitude.

Just when we thought winter had left the building, here we are face to face with another snow day. Spring seems so far off when you wake up to a fresh foot of snow on the ground. For a lot of us in todays economy, starting or completing our design projects seems off in the distance, too.

A shiny new countertop and modern appliances would certainly be welcome in this out-dated kitchen, however, the look of joy on the faces of my boys as they suit up for some backyard sledding on this “snow-holiday” has it’s own type of sparkle.

Why this vignette works: Adding a shiny object (aqua-blue urn) on a dull surface (vintage formica countertop) creates a nice contrast as does the colorful flowers blossoming during the gray days of winter. Try it at home: I picked up this small azalea branch after it was broken off of a bush during one of the last snow storms (there were so many this year!). I brought it in, put it in water, and weeks later it opened with delicate pink blossoms, a forecaster of spring to come. Cut some branches from a forsythia bush or a flowering tree and you, too, can enjoy spring a little early this year.

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