Sunday, March 15, 2009

Art in Bloom ... after the show

“Lady in Venice” by Judith Barry
Arrangement by Yvonne Blacker

Here is a glimpse at the other beautiful blossoms and inspiring works of art that were on display last week at the Lynnfield Library’s version of “Art in Bloom” put on by the Village Garden Club of Lynnfield in collaboration with the Lynnfield Art Guild along with a number of guest artists.

“Shopping in Angeirs, France” by Jeannette Corbett
Arrangement by Ann Encarnacao

“Spring in Provence” by Jeannette Corbett
Arrangement by Jeannie Dalton

“Some Place in Vermont” by Gail Rober
Arrangement by Karen Hathaway

“Owl’s Head Light” by Lorraine O’Brien
Arrangement by Wendy Keefe and Katerina Georges

“Garden Gate” by Ruth Ann Mowder
Arrangement by Betsy Foley

“Peonies” by Ruth Ann Mowder
Arrangement by Dorothy Goodwin

“Summer Pink, Summer Blue”
by Meredith Jean Myserian
Arrangement by Joan Kirk
and Mary Schwartz

“Morning Flurries” by Frank V. Colombo, M.D.
Arrangement by Maura Quinn

“Mountain Valley” by Carol Mack
Arrangement by Bootie Stevens

“Fantasia” by Pauline Bacon
Arrangement by Joan Bourque and Jan Lisacki

“Enchantment” by Rosemarie Whalen
Arrangement by Laura Thomson

“Shadows & Sun” by Janis H. Sanders
Arrangement by Tracy Drislane

(learn more about Tracy on my
friends who design website ...)

“Poppies” by Shaila Desai
Arrangement by Susan Nugent

(sorry, Shaila, for the reflection of the library
windows on this beautiful pastel!)

One final footnote ...

Take a look around your own home for opportunities to combine art and flowers. J
ust as each flower has it’s own unique beauty, there is no “wrong way” to interpret a favorite piece of art. Be inspired by the colors and shapes. Or create a story that relates to the art. Use your imagination and have fun. Fresh flowers always look good and really make a difference in bringing a room (or in this case a library!) to life.

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