Sunday, April 30, 2017

One Room Challenge: Organizational Joy

I imagine that getting up each morning to be greeted by a well organized closet must be pure bliss! Having one go-to location to find everything needed to start the day is what I am most looking forward to once my Calling it Home One Room Challenge Master Closet project is complete. We are getting close, so this week I am presenting my chosen selections for my closet design plan. All wish list items below are from The Container Store. 

I love love love these acrylic hangers! And the linen storage boxes are just the right neutral colored solution for my space.

Im not 100% sure on the overall size of this shoe storage option (do I really need to store my shoes in two different directions to fit them in the designated area?) I plan to visit my local Container Store and check it out in person to see if it works (yes, will probably take my shoes off and try it out in the aisles!)

Did you see the movie Joy starring Jennifer Lawrence as Joy Mangano? It was a great story about the woman who invented these extra thin, non-slip velvet covered hangers (along with her first and less glamorous invention, The Miracle Mop). I love entrepreneur stories and I know that I will love seeing the word JOY every time I select my outfit of the day. Scenes from this movie were actually filmed in my hometown, North Reading, Massachusetts. The photo collage above includes a selfie of my friend and I, taken on location” after the filming was complete.

I like that Joys hangers can be doubled up with an add-on hook. As we say in Boston, thats wicked smart : )

More acrylic storage? Yes, please!

And this naturally woven, water hyacinth laundry basket is simply beautiful. I love the size, shape and texture. Perfection!

Now to finish up in order to install my design choices! To see how everyone else is doing with their ORC spaces, click the links below. We are nearing the finish line, so good luck to all!

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  1. Yvonne this is so great, but I would love to hear your thoughts about what I do first, the purge, the true closet edit. You know my mantra own less buy better. I certainly am going to direct my clients to this post right when we are going to work on cultivating their wardrobe as this dovetails so beautifully. Once again well done!


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