Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter antique shopping

Antique shopping is usually considered a summer sport here in New England, but there are actually some great winter shows worth venturing out to, even on a snowy day like today.

In the last issue of New England Finery, I highlighted the New England Antiques Design Show & Sale that was held at the Shriners Auditorium. This weekend the auditorium is home once again to a wealth of antique dealers ... check out the extensive list here. Below are some photos I took while exhibiting there last fall (read more about the New England Finery designed space here).

There are room after room of antique and vintage treasures at the show.
Each dealer sets up their own inspired vignettes.

Vintage items, like these drapery hold backs, can be repurposed in modern ways.
The key is to think creatively when touring each booth.

There truly is something for every kind of collector!

I really could have used this on a recent photo shoot ...

If you are a decorator, photo stylist or homeowner who loves the patina of vintage decor, it is worth it to get on the list to be notified of upcoming New England Antique Shows. Click here to receive discount passes and info. 

All this week in New York, from the 20th to the 29th, the 58th Annual Winter Antiques Show is being held at the Park Avenue Armory. Local designer, Phoebe Lovejoy, who was featured in the autumn issue of New England Finery, is on the interior design committee for Young Collectors Night which will be held on the 26th. If you get the chance to attend, look for her in the crowd and be sure to say hello!

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