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Lynnfield Art in Bloom 2011

Arrangement donated by
Gregory’s of

It is that time of year again! The annual Art in Bloom collaboration between the Village Garden Club of Lynnfield and the Lynnfield Art Guild is now on display at the Lynnfield Library.

Stop by and check out almost a dozen creative floral interpretations of fine art pieces (watercolors, oils, photography, etc.) now through Friday, April 15th during regular library hours.

“Surf’s Up by Pauline Bacon
arrangements by Ann Encarnacao
and Yvonne Blacker

This year, my mom (who is also in the garden club) and I thought it would be fun to work together as a team. I may have mentioned to the group that she was a little bossy
; ) but truthfully, we both think a bit outside the box – which is why I admire her – so it was just a matter of combining our separate creative impulses to come up with an end result that looked like both of our styles. We had a fun day shopping the flower markets together and we are both pretty happy with how everything turned out.

What our individual design styles have in common is resourcefulness. Sand and shells from visits to the beach, inventory from design shows, twigs from past arrangements, and even
fabric from an evening gown were all woven into our display.

We chose the painting of one of our favorite artists, Pauline Bacon, who we both have interpreted solo in previous shows. My mom and I both responded to the colors and movement in the painting above, plus my mother really loves the ocean so it was a perfect match. The artist, Pauline, spoke about her work at opening night. We were surprised to discover that she is not a big fan of the water. In fact, it scares her. Looking at her painting, one feels the strong surge of the surf and can easily imagine being engulfed in the foamy waves.

There were other mothers & daughters at our event ...

This time, the artist (Andrea Dalton) is the daughter, and the mom (Jean Dalton) is the flower arranger! Jean actually had these flowers dyed blue to match the vivid color in her daughters paintings (stop in to the library to view the other two paintings that are included in this series titled “Into the Wave).

Photographers were also well represented in this years show ...

Above we see an image captured by Sarah Inglese titled “Leaf in the Dew.” Maura Quinn of the Village Garden Club chose a large scaled “Swiss cheese plant
adorned with droplets of yellow freesia (which were inserted into the holes of the leaf) to represent the dew on the fallen leaf. Palm fronds in the water represent the blades of grass in the photo.

This final sneak peek shows the work of Village Garden Club President Bootie Stevens with another photograph, this time by Kendall Inglese (mom of photographer Sarah above!) This beautiful photo was taken sometime during the not-too-long-ago snow-filled winter, which looks picturesque now that the warm air of spring has returned.

I will show more pictures from this event after the week is over. If you live close by, pop in and enjoy a tour of our local version of “Art in Bloom!

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