Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blog writing and a tribute

Photos borrowed from Holding Court by Marija Stephens

Yesterday I learned of the tragic death of a woman I have only known by her first name, Marija, the posts that she has written, and the comments that she has left behind. I remember once receiving a comment that she left on a post that I also commented on (it was on a blog we both followed: absolutely beautiful things). I was happy just to see her name in my inbox even though the comment was not actually addressed to me. We always seemed to be following the same path ... I would see the icon from her blog, Holding Court, pop up everywhere I went. Her comments were always worth reading and she had a charming and effortless way about her. Her blog was full of well written observations on both style and life. Marija’s death has deeply touched many people who have only met her virtually, along with leaving a hole in the hearts of those who truly knew and loved her.

Reading over the many chapters in the chronicles of
Marija’s blog have left me welled up with tears and especially reflective ... why do we put ourselves out there to write our personal stories on a blog?

For me, it is a creative outlet, a way to connect with other people who share the same interests, and a valuable resource to my growing design business. The many opportunities to create new friendships through blog writing has been an unexpected bonus.

Here are just some of the reasons
why Marija began her blog ...

I’m Marija. This is my blog.”

In Marija’s memory, I promise to try to let more of my virtual/blog friends know that their words have made an impression on me. It is these connections with others (even if they only start out as a quick text left at the end of a post) that keep me inspired.

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