Friday, May 21, 2010

Modern trends ... graphic patterns

Chris Lee of the Wenham Museum council,
models a fabulous jacket that she found in Paris.

A new trend in both fashion and decorating right now is bold graphic patterns, either in black and white or a mix of preppy colors. I love this new trend that is really a flash back to around the 1970’s (at least that is where I remember it from!) I have used this play on pattern in my vignette at the North Shore Design Show ...

Wallpaper from the 70s: Jupiter
Drawstring Bag in Night and Day from Vera Bradley
Tennis Racquet Cover from Ame & Lulu

Ame & Lulu even has a collection of bold prints for the stylish pup.

And I have seen more of these fun patterns at
Scribe Paper & Gift in Hamilton (right down
the street from the Wenham Museum) ...

70’s inspired designs by Jonathan Adler.

Fun animal prints and exotics.

Trendy lunch totes also seen at Scribe.

I spotted this preppy boat tote with a colorful ribbon-like stripe pattern at the gift shop located in the Wenham Tea House this week. I will actually be back there tomorrow (or this morning as it is after midnight as I write this) after the Designer Tour of the show, which begins at 9am. I better sign off now and get some sleep so that I am rested for our visitors : )


  1. All these patterns are so fun! The one pattern that I love to use the most is stripes and polka dots. I wanted to stop by to let you know that I received the beach bag and towel. Thank you again! My daughter has already used it (I think she really wants it) for a pool party. The towel is so luxurious and cute!

    Please stop by my blog, I just did a post on your friends shop Studio B in Concord and you are mentioned in the post too! Hope you like it.

    Have a great day~

  2. I love these prints...I have yet to accessorize a room with a black and white print, but I want to eventually...I love it against the green in the doggie bed--may be a must for my "office/studio" room, the walls of which are a similar asparagus green....

  3. I'll have to make a trip there because a I love those trendy lunch totes!


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