Friday, May 14, 2010

North Shore Design Show ...

Look for me at the North Shore Design Show!

If you happen to be joining us this evening for opening night of the North Shore Design Show: Favorite Spaces at the Wenham Museum, please do stop by and say hello! Being able to watch visitors as they interact with our spaces is for me the highlight of being a designer for this event. I have had so much fun putting my room together ... it has been somewhat of a creative journey. I will be at the museum over the weekend, and off and on during the week.

I have been ignoring my real house as of late so I should probably spend some time there picking up everything that I have left in my creative wake! Did I mention my husband has decided now is a good time to remodel (as in demolish) the downstairs bath/mudroom/kitchen???? I am sure there will be some great ideas for these projects at the show. We will just have to stroll across the room to sit at the rustic tribal infused bar area created by Marshall Whitman Design to discuss ... see you at the show!



  1. I love this picture from Nana and Grampa's :) SO cute! I check out your blog often, i love looking at all of your things!

  2. I loved seeing your recent wedding pictures, Beth! Just beautiful! Congratulations and best wishes!


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