Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fresh paint, fresh flowers

Dear Blog: To make up for my recent absence, I am posting some flowers for you. There is nothing like citrus-y orange and lime colored blooms to brighten up a winter interior! And just to show you that I am committed to keeping my promises, I am also posting photos of my first end-result for Resolution #4: I will set aside time to tackle at home design projects.

The most difficult part of this project was just dedicating the time to prep, paint and clean-up. When I take everything out I have to be sure to leave ample time to put it all away before my little whirlwinds get off the bus ... or there will be consequences!

Now isn’t that much better?

I haven’t gotten around to Resolution #5: update family photos (the boys are about three years older than they are in these photos) but I am working on it!

I used a pair of bunny bookends on either side of this grouping of three square vases to make this long and low arrangement. At the bottom of each vase I added river stones to hold the stems in place. It almost looks like the bunnies are out in the garden!

Is anyone else dreaming of spring about now???

There is great blog I have been following, written by Australian interior designer Anna Spiro titled Absolutely Beautiful Things that showcases a different arrangement of flowers on Fridays, views from her shop Black & Spiro, and other design inspirations.

Visit her musings-from-down-under
for a real visual treat : )

Have a good day!


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